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Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nic Civale breaks down injuries, timelines, and what to expect from injured baseball players to help you make informed decisions in your fantasy baseball leagues.

Recent Episodes

MLB Injury Insight: McClanahan and Gonsolin Returns

We dive deep into the injuries of Shane McClanahan and Tony Gonsolin, and how their years have been affected by an innings increase.

MLB Injury Insight: Mike Trout – Explaining Costovertebral Dysfunction

Today, we discuss the general meaning of Mike Trout’s recent diagnosis of costovertebral dysfunction and possible treatment options.

MLB Injury Insight Podcast: The Eloy Episode

Nic discusses the return of Eloy Jimenez, how his hamstring may affect his play, and indicators to watch for to see if he’s fully recovered.

MLB Injury Insight: The State of Injuries in Baseball & Star Updates

Today’s episode begins with a broad view of the game and how injuries may continue to trend up. Also covered is the injury analysis of the brightest stars in the game.

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