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Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Prospects for Every MLB Team w/ Printable Cheat Sheet

In the wise words of Mr. Mackey from South Park, “Cheating is bad, mmmkay.” What, not a big South Park enthusiast? Okay, how about cheaters never prosper? Better? While it’s true, what they say about cheaters and cheating, cheat sheets are perfectly okay. In fact, they’re advised when heading into a fantasy baseball draft of any kind. That’s what brings us all here today. Throughout the offseason (Technically starting during the MLB playoffs), I compiled each MLB team’s top-25 prospects and have since also released my top-250 overall prospects and top prospect by position in tiers. Today we’re putting together a little cheat sheet for you with my top-25 Fantasy baseball prospects for each team, all on one list. Thirty articles of goodness in one easy printable cheat sheet. Sounds good to me.

Putting together these lists is a fickle beast. I try my best to keep a good balance of ceiling and floor, but ultimately, always lean towards ceiling more. As for proximity, that’s more of an owner decision based on where their team is and the direction they want to go. I personally don’t factor proximity into these rankings too much and rank solely off who is the better prospect. If you want to bump a Triple-A guy up over a low-A guy because he’ll help your team sooner, go right ahead.

The regular season starts in just a few weeks! There’s still time to get your fantasy baseball season started. Leagues are forming at, so head on over and get your league started today.

Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Prospects By Team

Need something to take with you to a draft? Here’s a printable cheat sheet of Eric’s Top 25 Fantasy Baseball Prospects for every MLB Team.

  • To see a larger view of the rankings simply click on the lists below.

AL East

Top 25 Prospects AL East

AL Central

Top 25 Prospects AL Central

AL West

Top 25 Prospects AL West


NL East

Top 25 Prospects NL East

NL Central

Top 25 Prospects NL Central

NL West

Top 25 Prospects NL West

Eric Cross is the lead MLB/Fantasy Baseball writer and MiLB prospect analyst for FantraxHQ and has been with the site since March 2017. In the past, he wrote for FantasyPros and FanSided and is now a contributor to the best-selling Fantasy Baseball Black Book. He is also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). For more from Eric, check out his author page and follow him on Twitter @EricCross04.

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  1. Dave says

    DId the printable file move? I’m having trouble reaching it at the link provided.

    1. Eric Cross says

      Hi Dave, it’s still working for me. Have you tried lately?

  2. Dave Jordan says

    I think I like these rankings better than any others I have seen.

    One wrinkle: Jordan Patterson is now with the Reds.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Eric Cross says

      Yeah, I forgot to switch him over before making the PDF. Thanks for the kind words!

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