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2024 College Fantasy Football: League Winning CFF Stacks

Let’s talk League Winning College Fantasy Football (CFF) Stacks! We are now in early June, and I can just taste the College Football season. Some of you are doing best ball drafts now. Some of you are starting your drafts or preparing for them.

Now, let’s break down the Facts, ADP, and what you Do with those two pieces of information. I like to call this FAD drafting. Let me give you some context. When I am talking about ADP (average draft position), I will be assuming a 12-team draft. I want to shout out I used the wonderful ADP tool on their website to help me write this piece. For Points Per Game (ppg) context, I will be using the league settings of 1 point per reception (PPR) and 6 pt passing TD.

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League Winning CFF Stacks #1 – Oregon

“Gotta go Gabriel and Tez, but they are all dangerous #GoDucks @oregonfootball” – @tscheine


*Historical data is based on the last six seasons of play calling.

Kenny Dillingham’s offenses average 31.8 passes to 38.7 rushes per game. In 2023, Oregon was 2nd in the nation in ppg (44.2). Dillingham’s QBs average 25.52 ppg, RB1 average 17.87 ppg, WR1 average 14.59 ppg, and WR2 average 9.67 ppg.


QB – Dillon Gabriel (10), WR – Evan Stewart (20), WR – Tez Johnson (22), RB – Jordan James (29)


As of this moment, there are about three QBs I feel comfortable taking early in drafts. In terms of perceived consistency this year, wide receivers are plentiful, and running backs are tougher to come by. Kenny Dillingham’s offenses like to run the ball. Plus they are moving to the BIG 10, which is known for their hard-nose style of running. For those reasons, stack Dillon Gabriel and Jordan James. This will allow you to corner the touchdown market in Eugene by way of the pass and run. This 1st round QB and 3rd round RB should net you ~43ppg.

*Note: If you want the QB/WR stack, Dillingham’s WR1 runs from the X (historically 14.59ppg). His WR2 runs from the slot (historically 9.67ppg). Tez Johnson and his 19ppg in 2023 was the outlier (not the trend) to the WR2 data. Johnson’s 19ppg boosted the historical data for a Dillingham WR2 up to 9.67ppg. Therefore, based on the odds he repeats that + their close ADP, I will take the X-WR in a Dillingham offense (Evan Stewart).

League Winning CFF Stacks #2 – Appalachian State


*Historical data is based on the last eight seasons of play calling.

Shawn Clark’s offenses average 27.76 passes to 41.4 rushes per game. He became the head coach in 2020, and only one time since then has he thrown the ball less than his 27.76 average (25 in 202o). The passing attempts per game have been increasing year over year. Last year they threw 33.7 times per game. Inversely, the rushing has decreased year over year. Last year they ran the ball 38.1 times per game. I look at what is likely to happen based on history and trends. As can be seen by the stats, passing the ball in a Shawn Clark offense is continuing to rise. His QBs average 23.84ppg and the WR1 averages 12.67ppg.


WR – Kaedian Robinson (79), QB – Joey Aguilar (112)


Draft Kaedian Robinson in the 7th round and Joey Aguilar in the 10th. Last year Robinson averaged 15.47ppg and Aguilar averaged 25.63ppg. All things considered, I believe we continue to see the upward trend of passing for Shawn Clark’s offense in 2024. I believe 2023 was the floor for this Appalachian State duo. To the moon, baby!

League Winning CFF Stacks #3 – South Alabama


*Historical data is based on the last seven seasons of play calling.

Major Applewhite’s offenses average 34.7 passes and 40.1 rushes per game. In three of those seasons, he had a QB lead or was second on the team in rushing. Applewhite’s QBs average 27.65ppg. The only season Major Applewhite did not have a wide receiver with over 1k yards was in 2022. The WR1 for an Applewhite offense averages 19.49ppg and the WR2 averages 14.42ppg. Devin Voisin is 6’0″ and 185lbs. Jamaal Pritchett is 5’8″ and 164lbs. If you missed my last article, go check that out. I wrote about Major Applewhite and others in New Coach On The CFF Block.


WR – Jamaal Pritchett (35), QB – Giovanni Lopez (132), WR – Devin Voisin (UDFA)


In the bowl game vs Eastern Michigan, Giovanni Lopez had 88 yards rushing and 3 TDs. He finished the game with 40.48 fantasy points. Let’s not forget, he didn’t even start the game! Because of Major Applewhite’s history with a mobile QB and Lopez’s eye-catching stats, I believe he can easily average 27.65ppg. Heck, that could be the floor! With Lopez going in the 11th round, at this point, he is a no-brainer. Giovanni Lopez could be this year’s version of Byrum Brown. Now let’s look at wide receiver position.

Pritchett is being steamed up draft boards because you want the slot WR in an Applewhite lead offense. As I highlighted above, the WR1 averages 19.49ppg. Based on size, the slot wide receiver is Jamaal Pritchett. However, because of the G5 Hive and their Worker Bee Series, we got this little nugget from their beat reporter, Creg Stephenson, when talking about spring practices.

“But Pritchett certainly proved that he was dependable last year. Do you think we’ll see Pritchett move into the slot role? Well, you know, based on his size, you would assume that. But not really. I think he may be an outside guy, because I do think they like Voisin in the slot. So, you know, that’s the position he’s played now. When they get Voisin back, maybe things will change up. But yeah, when you look at him, he’s 165 pounds, and just screams slot receiver. But not necessarily with the way they run the offense. He played a lot on the outside as well.”

Based on that information, it sounds like Voisin will be the man in the slot. Jamaal Pritchett’s ADP coupled with this nugget has me passing on Pritchett in the 3rd round. Devin Voisin does not have an ADP for the month of May. Given these points, Devin Voisin is the STEAL of your draft. In addition, you can complete the stack with Lopez in the 11th round! In short, the Lopez-Voisin stack is a LEAGUE WINNER!

Attack your drafts in 2024 with Luke’s FAD approach!

Start off strong and draft a top-three caliber quarterback, Dillon Gabriel, in the 1st. Corner the Oregon TD market with running back, Jordan James, in the 3rd. Trust the trend we are seeing at Appalachian State. Stack Kaedian Robinson in the 7th with Joey Aguilar in the 10th. Finally, grab your LEAGUE WINNING CFF STACK. Draft Giovanni Lopez in the 11th and current UDFA, Devin Voisin. Couple these three league-winning CFF stacks together, and enjoy your league championship in 2024!

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