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Buy Low Targets for Week 5 of Fantasy Basketball

It’s never too late to buy low in fantasy basketball. There will always be players underperforming at a given time. Will those players continue to struggle or will they turn it around? Using historical data can help us make an educated guess. Here is a list of fantasy basketball players that should improve their fantasy basketball stock in 9 category leagues.

Fantasy Basketball Buy-Low Targets

Terry Rozier

Since returning from the injury, Terry Rozier hasn’t been great but this may be the last opportunity to buy low. Scary Terry’s field goal percentage is alarming I get it, but it’s only a sample size of eight games. His turnover is also slightly inflated but with LaMelo Ball back we should see positive regression to the mean. Last season Terry was the 30th-ranked player in fantasy basketball based on per-game stats in 9-cat. The previous season he was top 40. As long as Terry Rozier remains healthy on the Charlotte Hornets there’s no way he shouldn’t produce at least as a top 50 player. Scroll through your fantasy basketball team and offer up someone in that fringe top 75 zone for Rozier.

Deandre Ayton

I was extremely weary of investing in Deandre Ayton in fantasy basketball this season. He wasn’t happy in Phoenix and they just matched on the offer sheet because they seemingly didn’t want to lose Ayton for nothing. However, you might be able to purchase his fantasy services at a deep discount. For the last three seasons, Ayton’s been a top 50 fantasy basketball asset each season based on per-game numbers. Currently, he’s outside the top 100. He may not be top 50 again, but could he be top 60? If you are able to trade for Deandre Ayton without giving up much more than the top 90 value, do it.

Franz Wagner

Franz Wagner has been good this season. So what’s the problem? Well in 9-cat leagues his fantasy basketball value has decreased. The main issue is Wagner’s turnovers which are almost double per game this season. As the Orlando Magic guards get healthy less creation duties should fall onto Wagner which in turn should decrease his turnovers. Last season he was the 105th-ranked player in 9-cat based on per-game stats. At the moment he’s not producing at that level so I think it’s a great time to invest. He seems more comfortable this season and I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a top 75 guy the rest of the way. Hopefully, you can obtain his talents without giving up a top-100 player.

D’Angelo Russell

The early returns on D’Angelo Russell aren’t good and there’s no way to sugarcoat it. I’ve been lower than consensus on D’Angelo as an NBA player, but that doesn’t mean he won’t produce for fantasy basketball. Currently, the Minnesota Timberwolves are a mess and we can attribute a lot of that to Dlo. It’s not going to continue to be this bad. His stats are down across the board. The major issue has been shooting percentages and he’s starting to clean that up. Over the last four seasons, D’Angelo has ranked 73rd, 112th, 59th, and 57th in 9-cat based on per-game numbers. I’d be a buyer on D’Angelo Russell if you can acquire his talents without giving up a top 100 player. I’d project him to put up top 75 value the rest of the way. The window may be closing fast as he just turned in a 30/12 game on elite shooting.

What fantasy basketball players have you bought low on?

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