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Dear Clayton Kershaw, I’m Leaving You.

Dear Clayton Kershaw,

This isn’t easy for me. In fact, I struggled for many weeks with this decision. However, I’ve come to the realization that your health is just not healthy for me anymore. So, I’m leaving you.

In no way will I ever forget or dismiss the good seasons we had together. I’ll never forget your rookie season. You showed glimpses of your brilliance and I bought low on you after a few bad starts in my keeper league. Then three years later, you won that first Cy Young and our magical run began. So many Kershaw shares, in so many leagues resulting in so many championships. We won a lot together. That does mean something to me, even though I know it means very little to you.

The last three years have really taken their toll on me, my roster and my reputation. I defended you, time and time again to everyone, till I was Dodger blue in the face that you were still an ace. Still worthy of an early pick. That you could still lead a fantasy rotation to ultimate glory. But where were you when I needed you in the playoffs in 2016 and 2017? You were gone. Last year, I thought we could try one more time, but again you let me down. We had a few moments, but ultimately, it was just more of the same.

Look, the stats have always been great. You and I know that our relationship can no longer be just about stats. We have to have commitment. I need to know you’re going to be there for me when I need a big start or to carry me over the finish line in late summer playoff runs. Neither of us are getting any younger, and your 4th round value is just not something I’m willing to sacrifice at this time in my life.

Maybe you’ll end up with some younger owner who’s still in awe of your celebrity, or maybe another owner older than me who’s stuck in the past. All I know is that you and I just can’t stay in pattern. You very well may have great success once again. I hope you do. I truly do. Sure, it will hurt a little to see you win another title with someone else. But, the kind of pressure you forced on me and my prospects just became too much to bear. I don’t want those prospects growing up in a rotation where they’re forced to become “the man” of the rotation so young.

So, this is it. In 2019, I will own zero shares of you Clayton Kershaw. I admit it will be strange for both of us. Mostly for me, because, well, you’re a famous multimillionaire pitcher and you have no idea who I am. Still, I look at this as a fresh start for both of us. I have to do what’s best for me this season. I’m sure I’ll see a stat line of yours come across the TV crawl, looking fine, and I’ll remember the good times we had. However, I know in my heart this is best for both of us.



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