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Draft Premier League: Gameweek 27 Start and Sit

Getting your team selection correct in Draft Premier League is just as essential as your pre-season draft or your weekly waiver wire claims. And that’s exactly why we’re here to help with our Gameweek 27 Start and Sit article! We’re here to help you with some of the big Fantasy EPL decisions you may need to make for the upcoming fixtures.

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Gameweek 27 Start and Sit

Whether you’re an obsessed EPL fan like our Fantrax HQ team, or a casual player new to the world of Fantasy EPL, you know to start your attacking players against relegation-threatened sides. We’re not going to waste your time dealing with the obvious! The goal of this article is to delve into notable players across each Fantrax position and let you know if you should be starting or sitting those players.

Our format is as follows: We will be choosing 2 different teams. One will be our starts of the week, made up of non-obvious, low-rostered players. The other will be our sits of the week, made up of highly rostered, normally started players. We will keep track of how each team performs in next week’s article for full transparency.

Now let’s see the teams!

Starts of the Week XI

Gameweek 27 Starts

Jordan PickfordGMCI Sat 6:30PM40%
Erik PietersD@CRY Sat 4:00PM LEI Tue8:45PM17%
Connor RobertsD@CRY Sat 4:00PM LEI Tue8:45PM22%
Kyle Walker-PetersDNOR Fri 9:00PM35%
Josh BrownhillM@CRY Sat 4:00PM LEI Tue8:45PM33%
Ademola LookmanM@BUR Tue 8:45PM28%
Jacob MurphyM@BRF Sat 4:00PM6%
Ashley WestwoodM@CRY Sat 4:00PM LEI Tue8:45PM40%
Joseph WillockM@BRF Sat 4:00PM49%
Armando BrojaFNOR Fri 9:00PM57%
JoelintonF@BRF Sat 4:00PM48%

Average % Rostered: 36%

Double and blank means we have a wild one on our hands this weekend. Only Burnley double, so it is no surprise to see a lot of Dyche’s boys in the start XI and Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea blank, so there will definitely be some interesting lineups this week. The other 2 teams heavily featured on our Start XI are Southampton and Newcastle. Both of these teams are looking to build on some recent form to string together a couple of good games as they look ahead into an easy fixture list. The Strike force of Broja and Joelinton is still criminally under rostered, so both of them are definitely worth a pickup even in 8-10 team leagues for their upcoming runs.

Sits of the Week XI

Gameweek 27 Sits

Robert SanchezGAVL Sat 4:00PM65%
Michael KeaneDMCI Sat 6:30PM79%
Maximilian KilmanD@WHU Sun 3:00PM79%
Matthew CashD@BHA Sat 4:00PM97%
Ruben NevesM@WHU Sun 3:00PM79%
Declan RiceMWOL Sun 3:00PM96%
Jacob RamseyM@BHA Sat 4:00PM66%
Pablo FornalsMWOL Sun 3:00PM94%
RicharlisonFMCI Sat 6:30PM92%
Danny IngsF@BHA Sat 4:00PM68%
Dominic Calvert-LewinFMCI Sat 6:30PM98%

Average % Rostered: 83%

The theme with our sits of the week is pretty similar again, Everton, West Ham, and Aston Villa feature heavily as all three teams have been in awful form and face difficult opposition. Most of these players mentioned are definitely considered droppable by more unforgiving managers and as always, quite a few “drop a player in the Sit XI for a player in the Start XI” type pickups are possible, and with the possible exception of DCL, We would probably do most of those add/drops.

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