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Fantrax Dynasty Football: Tips For A Successful Ownership

Tips for Successful Ownership in a Fantrax Dynasty Football League

You are not a mere weekend warrior. For you, football does not stop on Sunday. You love the game. You cheer for your favorite teams and players because your fandom is nearly uncontested. You are a fantasy junkie who loves to compete. This article is for anyone seeking tips before joining a dynasty football league on Fantrax.

What does success mean for you?

Success is a subjective term. For some owners, anything other than first place is a failure. For others, as long as they enjoy the season, standings and prize pools are secondary. Before joining a dynasty football league, you must decide what success represents. The desire to win is a mutual goal for everyone involved. Lucky dynasty owners set goals while maintaining realistic expectations. You can lose and fail to make the playoffs while still having hope for the future. By trading all of your young assets, you can win the league championship with a lot of veteran players, possibly resulting in a bleak future. When joining a dynasty football league, one of the most important aspects is to recognize what success means to you. Having a contending team, year after year is a goal for most owners.

Enjoy the Process

Any successful owner in a dynasty football league must enjoy everything about the term dynasty. Most importantly, owners must realize that a dynasty cannot happen overnight. The number one reason dynasty leagues fail is when league ownership is a musical chair act. Successful dynasty owners must love the process and make a commitment for the long haul. The comradery between dynasty owners is one of the most rewarding aspects. Everyone enjoys the same hobby and seeks the highest levels of competition. Friendly banter and trash talk is fun too. Your goal is to reach fantasy football glory, but you must enjoy the journey regardless.

Keep the lines of Commerce open

Trading assets is a major component of any dynasty league. Unlike standard fantasy leagues that last one season, trading in dynasty leagues can alter the course for your team for years to come. For this reason, it would be unwise to cause other owners in your league to not consider you as a worthwhile trade partner. Being cordial and respectful does not require you to lose your poker face. Trading is an art form that requires an entire article to elaborate further. The key tip here is to not alienate yourself from the opportunity to acquire the assets of other owners. Lone wolves don’t last.

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Know how to self-evaluate your roster

In order to be a successful owner, you must be realistic about your precious team. Knowing how to evaluate players as objectively as possible is key to successful ownership. This includes how players from different positions will form your roster strategy. If you can start only one quarterback per week, and you have Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on your roster, are you getting the best possible output per week? Having a great backup quarterback is nice to have, but maybe your weekly output would increase by trading one of your elite quarterbacks for a position of need, such as running back or wide receiver. Self-evaluating also includes being able to avoid overvaluing players on your roster simply because you chose them. Do not be shortsighted in thinking that your team has no holes to fill. When acquiring players, keep in mind the scope of your roster. Failing to objectively evaluate your roster will lead to mistakes. This also includes having players on your roster from your favorite NFL team. Successful owners know how to balance hype and favoritism versus practicality and value.

Research and Watch Football

[the_ad id=”471″]A key tip for any successful dynasty football owner is to avoid complacency. Most dynasty owners consider themselves as gurus, who know so much about the game. Confidence is great but do not get carried away. Successful owners will do their due diligence in regards to evaluating talent. This includes seeking outside opinions on players, from fellow dynasty friends (with no vested interest) or player ranking websites. Another key to remember is to actually watch the games. The box score at the end of the game is not a full representation of a player’s performance. Did that running back have an 80-yard carry but then average 1.5 yards on his remaining 15 carries? By watching the games, you will increase your awareness, resulting in better acquisitions and trades.

Have Fun

Having fun is probably the most important tip. If you are not having fun, what is the point? Don’t take yourself too seriously. When you lose, you must not let that invade the rest of your personal life. When you are on a long losing streak, take a step back and remember why you are participating. I assure you, if every owner won every week, no dynasty league could exist. If you won every week, for the rest of time, you would undoubtedly stop having fun.


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