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Fantasy Basketball Hot Take – Terry Rozier Is A Top 20 Player This Season

Terry Rozier will reproduce his 2017-18 playoffs form, return top 20 nine-category (H2H) value and take home the NBA’s Most Improved Player award! Is he the sleeper of the year? Here’s my controversial fantasy basketball hot take…

16.5 points, 5.3 rebounds, 5.7 assists, 2.7 threes, 1.3 steals 53.8 true shooting%

That looks like a very sexy fantasy line, right? I can tell what you’re thinking. No way that can be a Terry Rozier line? Well, you’d be wrong and I’d be rich… if we all took that bet. The stat line you’ve just been reminded of is Roziers 2017-18 playoffs per game average across a sample size of nineteen games.

2019-20 Fantasy Basketball Draft KitTerry Rozier has picked up a bad rap in fantasy expert circles for inconsistent play for a variety of reasons, but I’m going to pitch to you a classic “What If…?”; that this season, all of those negatives may be behind him and this could be the year that Terry Rozier breaks out as a full-time starter and team leader for the Hornets (CHA).

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Minutes Opportunity – Not A Fantasy Basketball Hot Take?

The obvious reason for this hot take on Terry Rozier even being suggested for fantasy basketball this year is opportunity. Stuck behind Kyrie Irving on the Celtics (BOS), Rozier has not yet been afforded a full season with starters minutes. Then you need to think about the depth chart at point guard behind Rozier. Anyone ever heard of Devonte’ Graham? Graham isn’t ready to take on a major role yet in Charlotte (CHA) so as far as minutes-share goes, Rozier will have as many as he can stand up for.

Fantasy Basketball Role Opportunity – But For Real

As part of an under-gunned Hornets (CHA) line-up, Rozier will have plenty of opportunity to prove that he has what it takes to be the scorer and playmaker he has shown flashes of in the past. Rozier is going to have the ball in his hands as the first scoring option and be controlling the rock. An aging Nicholas Batum could be the next best playmaker on the team, so Rozier now has time on the floor and the ball in his hands to justify my fantasy basketball hot take on him!

An Opportunity to Over Achieve – Top-20 Ranking?

A good hot take is always going to involve over-achievement! There’s a good chance the lineup that the Hornets (CHA) will roll out on the floor for the majority of this year will be the least talented, the shallowest in depth, and the most void of stars or a superstar in the league. For Rozier, this means no need to share the spotlight and no need to defer to another ego. Terry Rozier is the man on the Hornets (CHA) this year and that should translate to his fantasy basketball ranking improving.

Sounds fantastic (or fantastical?) but seriously, where should I draft Terry Rozier?

There are a lot of reasons why the majority of experts and analysts aren’t ranking, drafting or picking Terry Rozier anywhere near the top twenty at this point. Roziers advanced stats, and his already mentioned consistency doesn’t support it. But, there still is the fact of those playoff averages. Drafting a player at his absolute ceiling is never a good idea because ceiling stats are only ever attained under the best possible circumstances, where form, consistency and opportunity all come together for an entire season. Draft Rozier as early as the late fourth or early fifth round if you need a point guard or you’re punting field goal percentages.

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If he slides more than two rounds beyond that, Rozier presents good value with great upside if he suits your team.

Rozier is going into his fifth NBA season. It’s rare that a player can show us his floor and ceiling over that amount of time and then suddenly make the big jump that my hot take is suggesting, but stranger things have happened. The reinvention of Rozier’s new teammate, Marvin Williams (CHA), in the 2015-16 season could serve as inspiration for Rozier to take things to a whole new level!

It’s Not An Exact Science…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fantasy basketball hot take on Terry Rozier making the Top Twenty! Like anything involving human beings, fantasy basketball isn’t an exact science. I’ve shared some of my best last player picks today, but you can do your own research to take things to the next level. I’m a fan of Josh Lloyd’s Locked On Fantasy Basketball podcast and Kyle Mckeown’s and Josh’s work on Basketball Monster. I also never miss Nate Duncan’s Dunc’d On podcast for the kinds of insight that will help you dominate your fantasy basketball draft and league!

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