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Fantasy Basketball: Week Six Trade Targets

Your week six trade targets are here for yet another run! In the list below, we highlight those players that are currently over- or undervalued. Like any good stock trader, the best time to sell is when the value of a commodity is high. Inversely, the best time to buy is when a commodity value is low.

Our key trade targets take into consideration those players that have moved significantly in value against their average draft position (ADP) after the first four weeks of the NBA season.

Fantasy Basketball Trade Targets for Week 6

Nikola Jokic – Current Rank = 31 / Fantrax ADP = 6

Action: Buy Low

The Joker came into the season looking out of shape. Even with a summer of games played at the World Cup, the big Denver Nugget somehow managed to stay out form. Whilst this doesn’t bode well for his overall discipline and commitment to his job, Jokic does seem to have a knack for remaining durable. He has played in a minimum of 73 games in each of his four seasons in the NBA.

Jokic has recently started to trend back to his top 10 ADP rank with additional usage. He played in over 33 minutes per game last week. This is up over 2 minutes per contest on his season average.

Over the years, some players have managed to play themselves into shape as the season goes on; Jokic appears to fit that mold. If you can sell off a player with a similar or slightly better rank than Jokic currently, you should benefit more over the course of the entire season.


Fred Van Fleet – Current Rank = 23 – Fantrax ADP = 102

Action: Sell High

Van Fleet has been outstanding for the Raptors over the last 2 weeks since Kyle Lowry went down. He has averaged 21.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 7.7 assists, 2.3 steals with 2.4 three-pointers per game. FVV has been the beneficiary of extra usage, but Lowry is expected back on December 1st, so sell high while you can. Van Fleet is a great trade target for a player like Kemba Walker or Donovan Mitchell, who I believe has more upside for the rest of this season.


Khris Middleton – Current Rank = 73 / Fantrax ADP = 44

Action: Buy Low

The Bucks have managed to continue their hot streak without Middelton in the lineup. However, Coach Mike Budenholzer confirmed Monday that Middleton has returned to full-contact work in practice, Matt Velazquez of the Journal Sentinel reports.

Middleton will provide All-Star type numbers when he is healthy. The Bucks have been extra cautious in bringing Middleton back slowly. He should come back and be close to 100% from the get-go. Middleton is a great source of three-pointers and scoring. Some great trade targets for Middleton would be players like Will Barton or Marcus Morris that are currently similarly ranked.


Lonzo Ball – Current Rank = 126 / Fantrax ADP = 88

Action: Buy Low

Ball returned to action this week. He averaged 10.0 points, 3.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists within only 0.3 steals and 0.3 blocks. He showed signs early on this year that his re-engineered jump was going to make him a better shooter. I still believe his shooting percentages will improve as the season goes on. However, his recent groin injury looks to have slowed his development. Once Ball is back to full health he is a fantastic source of steals, assists, and blocks from the point guard position. His value will be low at the moment and he is a great trade target if you need some back-court depth.

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