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Fantasy Football 2023: Draft Strategy for 2QB Leagues

It may seem easy to draft in a 2QB league, but trust me, this type of league isn’t a walk in the park. 2QB leagues are a whole different beast when it comes to filling out a roster. Typically a quarterback should go in the fourth or fifth round in a standard lineup league. But, for a 2QB league, the top players will start to go in the first two rounds.

So if you’re thinking of trying out a 2QB league, then you must follow these tips below.

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Draft Strategy for 2QB Leagues

Draft A Quarterback In The First Two Rounds

In a typical league, I would highly advise against this, but in a 2QB league, almost every top quarterback will be gone by the third round. Ideally, I would take a quarterback in the second round. You still want to grab a high-end running back or wide receiver in the first round. Chances are Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are gonna go in the first.

But, this will help you out. Those two picks could cause Ja’Marr Chase or Bijan Robinson to fall in ADP. So I would plan to draft Chase or Saquon Barkley in the first then go with Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, or Justin Herbert in the second. Then start filling out some depth at running back and wide receiver in the third and fourth.

Second Quarterback Should Go In The Fifth

By now you should have one of the top seven quarterbacks on your roster and some depth at running back and wide receiver. Now the time comes to get your second quarterback. Trust me, don’t gamble with this. You still want to grab a quality starting QB to fill out your roster.

If you grab one in the fifth, ideally you’re looking at Aaron Rodgers, Trevor Lawrence, or Daniel Jones. Grab one of them and then you don’t have to worry about filling out your second quarterback slot.

Do You Draft A Third Quarterback?

The answer is yes. But, save it for your last pick. I would go the route of drafting a rookie with the promise of starting or drafting the backup to your starters. You never know if your quarterback is going to get hurt so it is always smart to have his backup already. This is the last pick in the draft so it could be worth the risk to take Will Levis or Desmond Ridder.

There is no reason to draft a third quarterback earlier and grab someone like Derek Carr or Geno Smith. Because if you have Hurts and Lawrence there is no chance you’d start Carr over them. Maybe on a bye week, but that is what the waiver is for.

Keep A Balanced Team

When you see you have to start two quarterbacks every week, there is a tendency to go overboard on drafting quarterbacks. But remember you still have two slots for running backs and wide receivers to fill.

I know the wide receiver position has a lot of depth, but it is always smart to keep a balanced team. You still want to have top-end talent in the middle rounds. Just don’t overthink the process of having to grab a bunch of quarterback depth.

Got a few more draft tips for 2QB leagues? Drop them in the comments below. For more great rankings and analysis, make sure to check out our 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Kit!

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  1. Rob Murphy says

    I had Aaron as my 2nd last year and he was trash. He is getting older and the jets are just a bad team but, they do have speedsters out there this year, I just do not consider Aaron a top 10 QB anymore. I would take Tua all day over him.


  2. Rob Murphy says

    Your advise on drafting or not drafting a 3rd string QB is extremely flawed Unless you are in an team league, and even then there will be no starters left in the last round let alone waivers unless someone get hurt, There are not going to be any QBs left at that point depending on what your waiver status is. 2nd, drafting one of your 2 QBs back ups is also a terrible idea. Yes, QBs get hurt frequently but for the most part, it maybe only a couple of weeks or a month. God forbid one gets hurt for the year then you are back down to only having 2 QBS the rest of the season as most of us play in 10 if not, 12 team leagues. The format of 2 QB leagues is super fun but when it comes to drafting the QBs, the only thing I agree on is Draft the best QB available in the 1st round. The rest other 2 on when, who and how man QBs you draft is a coin toss. and by the 5th round in a 10-12 team league, people have already panicked and the QBs are gone. do the math, 10 teams minimum. 5 teams draft 3 QBs and 5 draft 2, that leaves you with the 7 worst QBs in the league throughout the year, Then a major player or 2 gets hurt the first 2 weeks and you are down to 5, everyone is in panic mode (especially teams who’s bye week is in week 4) and that is it. No more QBs for the rest of the year if you only drafted 2 and have a crappy waiver spot. My strategy, Draft you r 1st QB round 1. Then get yourself the best positional players with the most upside rounds a2 and 3 and then by round 4, you can pick up an Aaron Rodgers or if there are still a fair amount of QBs left and you are high on the pick selection round 5, that is the only time I would wait for my 2nd and finally get your 3rd QB at the last possible second because it will not be in the last round. One year, I had the last draft spot and my first 4 picks were top tier QBs and I traded 2 of them away for high value players and a low end QB3 as a the other players had to throw in. Now, you have 4 QBs still and you did not wast your 3rd and 4th round picks and got players you needed that were probably a little better that what you would have gotten because of the desperation for a few teams needing that QB. Won the league that year. In week 10, I was able to trade Baker for Kareem Hunt because the other team lost BOTH their starters. It is a crapshoot on how you draft in this type of league but you solution is not a good one. No disrespect.

  3. Jonas says

    Danny Dimes as your QB and don’t look back.

  4. JJ says

    You really think Rodgers is going to be worth the QB2 pick? Geno would be better there

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