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First Down: 2020 College Fantasy Football Rankings

Get a head start on college football with an early look at the 2020 College Fantasy Football Rankings with five of the foremost experts in the industry.

On Thursday last week, my district closed all schools and will not open until March 23 at the earliest. My daughter is a freshman at UConn, and the campus will not resume normal activities until at least April 6. She will continue her learning online, and I need to purchase an extra Wi-Fi Router downstairs for her to complete the assignments.

For the past 40 years during March, I would be prepping for the upcoming baseball season, and for the last 35, NCAA Tournament brackets consumed my free time. Unfortunately, we are living through an unprecedented era in our nation’s history: First pitch for the MLB season has been postponed until further notice and March Madness was canceled.

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Reminisces of Previous Time Outs

I will never forget the first two occasions that my sports fandom was interrupted. In 1981, I was visiting my grandparents over the summer in Detroit, Michigan and wanted to see the Tigers. Regrettably, the players went on strike, enduring for 49 days, and my grandfather and I could not attend any games. Fortunately, I returned the next summer and saw Detroit’s dynamic duo of Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, the longest-running double-play combination in MLB history, perform their craft at the old Tigers Stadium…Bazinga!

In 1982, the NFL players went on strike after two games and it lasted for 57 days. When the season concluded, each team played only nine games with 16 clubs qualifying for the playoffs. It was such a surreal season that Washington’s kicker Mark Mosley earned the Most Valuable Player award… Boom! In Super Bowl XVII, I’ll never forget John Riggins’ 43-yard touchdown run on fourth and one as he bulldozed Miami with 166 yards rushing on 38 carries and the Redskins defeated the Dolphins 27-17.


Surviving during the Shutdown

Enough reminiscing down memory lane as an Eighties teenager. I have witnessed many tragedies and incidents but few have impacted American society like Coronavirus. It is time to be smart and listen to the scientists, epidemiologists, and experts during this national crisis.

My family and I are prepared for an extended shutdown of gatherings of 50-plus people; we wash our hands regularly, remain socially distant from others and stay at home. In order to pass the time, I purchased Erik Larson’s new book, The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance during the Blitz, and look forward to reading it.

For those sports fanatics seeking relief from the news, I asked four preeminent College Fantasy Football minds to join me in providing way-to-early CFF rankings for the upcoming campaign, and I constructed a composite rating at all the positions. Players highlighted in blue are ranked higher by the expert than the consensus and are likely a value in early CFF drafts.

The prognosticators also chose a player as the Top Heisman Candidate, Sensational Sleeper and Fantastic Freshman for the upcoming campaign.


Enjoy the player ratings, and please follow my All-American CFF teammates on Twitter.

2020 College Fantasy Football Rankings

The First Down Panel

  • Nicholas Allen, @CFBWinningEdge,
  • Mike Bainbridge, @MBainbridgeCFF,
  • Zach Hall, @CFFChamps,
  • Justin Heisey, @JustinHeisey,
  • John Laub, @GridironSchol91,

QB Rankings

1J. Fields (60)J. Fields, OSUJ. Fields, OSUJ. Fields, OSUJ. Fields, OSUJ. Fields, OSU
2S. Ehlinger (50)S. Ehlinger, TEXS. Ehlinger, TEXS. Rattler, OKLAS. Rattler, OKLAT. Lawrence, CLEM
3S. Rattler (46)T. Lawrence, CLEMS. Howell, UNCS. Ehlinger, TEXB. Purdy, ISUS. Ehlinger, TEX
4T. Lawrence (44)K.J. Costello, MSSTS. Rattler, OKLAT. Lawrence, CLEMS. Howell, UNCS. Rattler, OKLA
5S. Howell (41)S. Howell, UNCT. Lawrence, CLEMI. Book, NDS. Ehlinger, TEXS. Howell, UNC
6K.J. Costello (27)D. King, MIAS. Sanders, OKSTK.J. Costello, MSSTD. King, MIAI. Book, ND
7B. Purdy (25)S. Rattler, OKLAB. Purdy, ISUS. Howell, UNCT. Lawrence, CLEMS. Sanders, OKST
8I. Book (19)A. Martinez, NEBK.J. Costello, MSSTH. Ahlers, ECUJ. Daniels, ASUK.J. Costello, MSST
9D. King (17)K. Slovis, USCI. Book, NDB. Purdy, ISUS. Buechele, SMUB. Purdy, ISU
10S. Sanders (15)A. O'Hara, MTSUS. Hartman, WFD. King, MIAJ. Newman, GAS. Buechele, SMU
11S. Buechele (9)S. Sanders, OKSTJ. Daniels, ASUL. Bonner, ARSTH. Ahlers, ECUK. Slovis, USC
12H. Ahlers (8)B. Purdy, ISUS. Buechele, SMUS. Buechele, SMUK.J. Costello, MSSTH. Ahlers, ECU

RB Rankings

1C. Hubbard (59)T. Etienne, CLEMC. Hubbard, OKSTC. Hubbard, OKSTC. Hubbard, OKSTC. Hubbard, OKST
2T. Etienne (52)C. Hubbard, OKSTT. Etienne, CLEMK. Gainwell, MEMJ. Patterson, BUFFJ. Patterson, BUFF
3J. Patterson (51)J. Patterson, BUFFJ. Patterson, BUFFT. Etienne, CLEMK. Gainwell, MEMT. Etienne, CLEM
4K. Gainwell (44)N. Harris, ALAK. Gainwell, MEMJ. Patterson, BUFFT. Etienne, CLEMN. Harris, ALA
5N. Harris (38)K. Gainwell, MEMK. Lewis, CMUN. Harris, ALAM. Teague, OSUI. Spiller, TA&M
6K. Lewis (27)K. Lewis, CMUI. Spiller, TA&MK. Lewis, CMUN. Harris, ALAB. Hall, ISU
7J. Jefferson (21)K. Hill, MSSTK. Hill, MSSTJ. Henderson, LTM. Borghi, WSUK. Gainwell, MEM
8K. Hill (20)J. Jefferson, ORSTN. Harris, ALAJ. Jefferson, ORSTB. Hall, ISUK. Hill, MSST
9B. Hall (16)M. Ibrahim, MINNB. Hall, ISUG. Holani, BoiseJ. Jefferson, ORSTJ. Jefferson, ORST
10I. Spiller (15)B. Knox, MARJ. Jefferson, ORSTCJ Marable, CCUK. Lewis, CMUJ. Brown, PSU
11M. Borghi (13)M. Borghi, WSUM. Borghi, WSUM. Borghi, WSUK. Hill, MSSTK. Lewis, CMU
12M. Teague (8)X. Valladay, WYOJ. Henderson, LTK. Hill, MSSTN. Watson, WIM. Borghi, WSU

WR Rankings

1J. Chase (51)R. Moore, PURJ. Chase, LSUR. Moore, PURS. Surratt, WakeR. Bateman, MIN
2R. Moore (45)J. Chase, LSUD. Smith, ALAR. Roberson, SMUR. Roberson, SMUJ. Chase, LSU
3D. Smith (45)R. Bateman, MINR. Moore, PURT. Wallace, OKSTJ. Chase, LSUJ. Ross, CLEM
4R. Roberson (42)S. Surratt, WakeR. Roberson, SMUD. Smith, ALAD. Smith, ALAS. Surratt, Wake
5S. Surratt (41)D. Smith, ALAJ. Adams, ARSTJ. Adams, ARSTR. Bateman, MIND. Smith, ALA
6R. Bateman (37)T. Atwell, LOUR. Bateman, MINJ. Chase, LSUJ. Ross, CLEMR. Moore, PUR
7T. Wallace (28)T. Wallace, OKSTJ. Ross, CLEMS. Surratt, WakeJ. Adams, ARSTR. Roberson, SMU
8J. Adams (26)R. Roberson, SMUS. Surratt, WakeT. Terry, FSUT. Wallace, OKSTM. Stevenson, HOU
9J. Ross (24)W. Jackson, COSTT. Wallace, OKSTT. Vaughns, USCR. Moore, PURJ. Adams, ARST
10T. Atwell (11)R. Bell, WSUM. Stevenson, HOUD. Newsome, NCT. Atwell, LOUT. Wallace, OKST
11M. Stevenson (9)A. St. Brown, USCT. Terry, FSUD. Coxie, MEMA. St. Brown, USCD. Newsome, NC
12T. Terry (7)J. Ross, CLEMD. Coxie, MEMT. Atwell, LOUM. Stevenson, HOUA. St. Brown, USC

TE Rankings

1K. Granson (50)K. Pitts, FLAK. Granson, SMUK. Granson, SMUK. Granson, SMUK. Granson, SMU
2K. Pitts (16)P. Freiermuth, PSUB. Kuithe, UtahC. Kolar, ISUK. Pitts, FLAP. Freiermuth, PSU
3B. Kuithe (11)M. Bushman, BYUK. Pitts, FLAK. Pitts, FLAC. Kolar, ISUB. Kuithe, Utah
4C. Kolar (11)K. Granson, SMUC. Kolar, ISUB. Kuithe, UtahB. Jordan, MIAC. Kolar, ISU
5P. Freiermuth (9)B. Kuithe, UtahP. Freiermuth, PSUM. Bushman, BYUB. Kuithe, UtahK. Pitts, FLA

Kicker Rankings

1M. Trickett (15)M. Trickett, KentC. York, LSUR. Patterson, MEMR. Patterson, MEMBT Potter, CLEM
2R. Patterson (14)A. Kessman, PITTM. Trickett, KentC. York, LSUB. Haubeil, OSUC. York, LSU
3C. York (14)K. Duncan, IOWAR. Patterson, MEMK. Duncan, IOWAN. Sciba, WakeM. Trickett, Kent
4BT Potter (7)J. Verity, ECUN. Sciba, WakeBT Potter, CLEMM. Trickett, KentB. Haubeil, OSU
5K. Duncan (7)N. Sciba, WakeK. Duncan, IowaM. Trickett, KentC. York, LSUR. Patterson, MEM

Defense Rankings

1Clemson (19)GeorgiaClemsonClemsonOhio StateClemson
2Georgia (11)San Diego St.GeorgiaAlabamaClemsonPenn State
3Penn State (8)MiamiAuburnUtahWisconsinAlabama
4Alabama (7)Penn StateOregonGeorgiaPenn StateWisconsin
5Wisconsin (7)Texas A&MWisconsinWisconsinBuffaloBuffalo


2020 College Football Predictions

2020 CFF Predictions

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