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Michael Florio’s Week 15 Semi-Final Rankings!

This past week I headed into the Monday night game up 18.2 fantasy points going up against just Carson Wentz. I watched the beginning of the game at work (it’s pretty weird but awesome living on the west coast now). Wentz fumbled and ended the first with a little more than negative one fantasy points. The second quarter was even better for me as rain and now some boos continued to pour. He ended the half with just 2.58 fantasy points. Man, let me tell you I felt great during halftime. I knew that it could all fall apart in one big play against a bad defense, but it was hard to not feel great after the Giants repeatedly got pressure on Wentz. It felt even better to watch his receivers drop pass after pass.

The third quarter began much like the first two, with the Eagles getting no production offensively and having to punt. But the tide started to change on their third possession (which occurred halfway through the third quarter, c’mon burn some clock Eli!) as the Eagles marched down the field. I sat on my couch nervously, as the Eagles snapped the ball from the two-yard line… but Boston Scott ran it in! Oh man, I jumped up off the couch and yelled something as I just avoided a touchdown. The rush and great feeling that we chase. The high point in fantasy.

And then, the Eagles missed a field goal, the Giants decided to leave Zach Ertz wide open, the Giants failed to score at all in the second half, the Giants dropped a should have been interception that could have ended the game with a field goal, the Giants got burned by a receiving core made up of players that I am pretty sure the Eagles pulled some people out of the crowd to use, oh and the Giants decided to leave Zach Ertz wide open. I had won five in a row to make it in the final week. I had been leading the matchup from the first minutes of the Thursday night game. I was a huge underdog and was currently the high scorer in the first round. And I lost by less than two points on the final touchdown throw from Wentz to Ertz. In a league that I had lost in the championship in the last two seasons. Last year by 0.2 fantasy points. That crushing feeling that makes you wonder if you even want to play next season. The low point in fantasy.

I want all of you reading this to feel like I did in the first half and not have to experience what I had to at the end of the game.  We are only two weeks away from champions being crowned, but these next two weeks, they are the toughest! You will be tempted to get too cute and overthink things. You have to hope your opponent’s lineup doesn’t blow up against you and if we learned anything in Week 14, it is that you need to hope your players stay healthy. But, this is why we play this game of ours! To have a shot at winning it all. Remember the old saying… flags fly forever! Let’s help you get a flag, or trophy or even a Shiva of your own! 

Week 15 Notes

– Fire up your Browns this week. The Cardinals are in the Top-2 in fantasy points allowed to every position except running back, which they are 13th. If you aren’t starting the Browns this week, why are they on your roster? 

– Zach Pascal should be in your lineup if T.Y. Hilton sits. The Colts take on the Saints, who have allowed the fourth-most fantasy PPG to WRs since Week 10. Not only that, the game is in the Superdome and we saw what just happened there last week. The Colts will likely be chasing points and Pascal and Jack Doyle are their top option. Play them. 

– I was all about trusting Devonta Freeman last week, but I am the exact opposite this week. He takes on the 49ers who have allowed the second-fewest fantasy PPG to RBs. Think about it, who was the one Saints player that disappointed last week? Alvin Kamara! RBs against the Niners is just a tough spot. 

– Marlon Mack scored a TD to salvage a tough matchup last week, and you got to be hoping for the same this week if you start him. He faces the Saints who have allowed the third-fewest rushing yards per game to RBs (67.5). Additionally, Mack has two targets since Week 8, so if they fall behind, expect to see Nyheim Hines and not Mack out there. 

– This is a week to avoid your Bills. The Steelers have allowed the second-fewest fantasy PPG to QBs since Week 4. They’ve also allowed the eighth-fewest to WR and the second-fewest to RB in that span. This is setting up to be a defensive matchup that should not provide a ton of fantasy points.

Week 15 Rankings

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