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MLB Fantasy Advice: 2 Start Pitchers Week Four

Here we are back to look over our 2 start pitchers for week 4. There seems to be quite a precipitous drop from the top suspected performers and those at the bottom. Even in the very deepest of leagues, I can not in good conscience recommend some of these pitchers based on their current play or upcoming match-ups. Now that we are almost through the first month I believe some of these performances will start coming back to the norm, good or bad.

As in previous weeks, I’ll tier these groups and offer insight on any hidden value plays. These projected starts are not a lock and are subject to change due to rain outs, injury, performance issues, or managerial whims in accordance to each player’s actual major league team. I only offer my the opinion on the match-ups, there are no guarantees on the actual starts.

Top Notch, No Doubters…

  • Clayton Kershaw – (4/25 @ SF-Ty Blach; 4/30 vs. PHI-Vince Velasquez)
  • Dallas Keuchel – (4/25 @ CLE-Josh Tomlin; 4/30 vs. OAK-Jesse Hahn)
  • Jason Vargas – (4/24 @ CHW-Miguel Gonzalez; 4/30 vs. MIN-Phil Hughes)
  • Chris Archer – (4/24 @ BAL-Ubaldo Jimenez; 4/30 @ TOR-Marco Estrada)

Kershaw and Keuchel are must start in one-week contests. I’m not a huge believer in Vargas, but play him while he’s hot if you can. Archer’s two contests on the road only drawback of his upcoming week. This group would have been larger with two of its mainstays. San Francisco ace Madison Bumgarner is no doubt a blow to fantasy lineups as he’ll miss close to a month due to injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. Strasburg would have fallen into this group, as well, but loses out on a 2 start week due to being placed on the paternity list.

Maybe Not Fantastic But Good Bets…

  • Michael Wacha – (4/25 vs. TOR-Marco Estrada; 4/30 vs. CIN-Amir Garrett)
  • Julio Teheran – (4/25 @ NYM-Robert Gsellman; 4/30 @ MIL-Tommy Milone)
  • Marco Estrada – (4/25 @ STL-Michael Wacha; 4/30 vs. TB-Chris Archer)
  • Luis Severino – (4/25 @ BOS-Rick Porcello; 4/30 vs. BAL-Wade Miley)
  • Amir Garrett – (4/24 @ MIL-Tommy Milone; 4/30 @ STL-Michael Wacha)

Wacha has certainly pitched slightly better than expected thus far into ’17. Teheran is coming off consecutive decent outings and continues to be that teams ace. Estrada is pitching great baseball, but Jays are giving him no run support. Severino has turned in two gems in last two outings. Garrett continues to impress and you should ride his young arm while possible.

Not Exciting, But Worth A Look On 2 Start Weeks…

  • Felix Hernandez – (4/25 @ DET-Jordan Zimmermann; 4/30 @ CLE-Josh Tomlin)
  • Zack Greinke – (4/24 vs. SD-Jhoulys Chacin; 4/29 vs. COL-Tyler Anderson)
  • Jordan Zimmermann – (4/25 vs. SEA-Felix Hernandez; 4/30 vs. CHW-Dylan Covey)
  • Francisco Liriano – (4/24 @ LAA-Jesse Chavez; 4/29 vs. TB-Matt Andriese)
  • Rick Porcello – (4/25 vs. NYY-Luis Severino; 4/30 vs. CHC-Brett Anderson)
  • Wei-Yin Chen – (4/25 @ PHI-Vince Velasquez; 4/30 vs. PIT-Chad Kuhl)
  • Robert Gsellman- (4/25 vs. ATL-Julio Teheran; 4/30 @ WAS-TBA)
  • Joe Ross – (4/24 @ COL-TBA; 4/29 vs. NYM-Zack Wheeler)

Steady if not at times spectacular veterans take up most of the spots in this tier. King Felix and Greinke are still trying to find a solid groove here in ’17. Zimmermann has flashed some signs of dominance in short burst. Liriano like several Toronto pitchers have turned in decent performances at times, but getting no offense to back them. Porcello still has to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke. Peripheral numbers suggest still possible. Chen coming off lost year due to elbow issue that could still blow up on him. Gsellman has actually pitched well, but come up short in the win column. Ross’ debut to ’17 went great, looking to build on that and the end of ’16’s performance.

MEH, I’d Probably Look Elsewhere…

  • Ubaldo Jimenez – (4/24 vs. TB-Chris Archer; 4/29 @ NYY-Jordan Montgomery)
  • Phil Hughes – (4/24 @ TEX-Martin Perez; 4/30 @ KC-Jason Vargas)
  • Miguel Gonzalez – (4/24 vs. KC-Jason Vargas; 4/29 @ DET-Michael Fulmer)
  • Brett Anderson – (4/24 @ PIT-Chad Kuhl; 4/30 @ BOS-Rick Porcello)
  • Jesse Hahn – (4/25 @ LAA-J.C. Ramirez; 4/30 @ HOU-Dallas Keuchel)
  • Wade Miley – (4/25 vs. TB-Erasmo Ramirez; 4/30 @ NYY-Luis Severino)
  • Chad Kuhl – (4/24 vs. CHC-Brett Anderson; 4/30 @ MIA-Wei-Yin Chen)
  • Josh Tomlin – (4/25 vs. HOU-Dallas Keuchel; 4/30 vs. SEA-Felix Hernandez)
  • Clayton Richard – (4/25 @ ARI-Patrick Corbin; 4/30 @ SF-Ty Blach)
  • Jesse Chavez – (4/24 vs. TOR-Francisco Liriano; 4/29 @ TEX-Yu Darvish)

[the_ad id=”693″]Not very excited about much on this list.  However, in the deepest of leagues, you could be well served to utilize the 2 starts of Hahn who has shown decent results in an injury fill-in roll. I do not believe Miley is for real and expect the wheels to fall off this hot start at any point. I believe the same is true for Hughes, though his success does not seem to be as drastic.

2 Starts or Not; Not Interested…

  • Hyun-Jin Ryu – (4/24 @ SF-Matt Cain; 4/29 vs. PHI-Zach Eflin)
  • Matt Garza – (4/24 vs. CIN-Amir Garrett; 4/30 vs. ATL-Julio Teheran)
  • Matt Cain – (4/24 vs. LAD-Hyun-Jin Ryu; 4/29 vs. SD-Jhoulys Chacin)
  • Tyler Anderson – (4/25 vs. WAS-TBA; 4/30 @ ARI-Patrick Corbin)
  • Patrick Corbin – (4/25 vs. SD-Clayton Richard; 4/30 vs. COL-Tyler Anderson)
  • Jhoulys Chacin – (4/24 @ ARI-Zack Greinke; 4/29 @ SF-Matt Cain)
  • Vince Velasquez – (4/25 vs. MIA-Wei-Yin Chen; 4/30 @ LAD-Clayton Kershaw)
  • Martin Perez – (4/24 vs. MIN-Phil Hughes; 4/30 vs. LAA-Matt Shoemaker)
  • Dylan Covey – (4/25 vs. KC-Danny Duffy; 4/30 @ DET-Jordan Zimmermann)
  • Ty Blach – (4/25 vs. LAD-Clayton Kershaw; 4/30 vs. SD-Clayton Richard)
  • J.C. Ramirez – (4/25 vs. OAK-Jesse Hahn; 4/30 @ TEX-Martin Perez)

There honestly could be a surprise performance or two from this Tier this week. I don’t look for that to happen, but I also can not dismiss the possibility. Anderson I believe will eventually break out of his early-season funk. Chacin has actually beaten both of these teams already this year, albeit both times were at home, whereas this week is on the road. Velasquez was everyone’s prized pick-up late last season, but he has yet to find that magic.

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