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We have reached the All-Star break in the condensed 2020-21 NBA season! Fantasy Basketball leagues regular seasons are already halfway done but before we get into next week’s waiver pickups let’s dive into NBA All-Star weekend and hand out some hardware with our Midseason awards. Mike Omelan (MO) and Bradlee Kilgore (BK) debate who should take down the MVP crown, most improved player, rookie of the year, 6th man, and make their lists for 1st team All-NBA. Let’s take a look at the winners!

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Midseason Fantasy Basketball Awards


BK:  Nikola Jokic, PF/C – Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic! I think LeBron will be the popular pick, and before Anthony Davis went down, he probably would’ve been my pick too. However, Joker has single-handedly kept Denver in the playoff picture down the stretch, while LeBron has faltered. Jokic averages 27/11/9 this year, while leading the league in win shares, box +/-, and value over replacement player. Stud.

MO:  Joel Embiid, PF/C – Philadelphia 76ers

Sticking with the center of attention here… I’m going to the East side with Joel Embiid. Nikola Jokic deserves all the accolades he deserves but these last couple of weeks have given Embiid the edge for me. Embiid has put the 76ers on his back and has carried them to the top of the Eastern standings which no one predicted at the start of the season. Embiid has averaged 32.3 PPG for over a month now and is averaging 14.3 rebounds and 2 blocks over his past seven games. As Charles Barkley has been saying on TNT, Embiid has been Shaquille O’Neal like right now… quite the company Mr. Embiid.


Rookie of the Year

BK: LaMelo Ball, G – Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball….Devontae Graham was out for injury early in the year, which gave Melo the opportunity to start, and he hasn’t looked back. Melo plays with a fluid smoothness that has helped him average 16/6/6 at the midway point of the season. The way he sees plays develop before they develop is a talent that most veteran point guards don’t have. He’s a shoo-in for this award, and next year, he’ll be hunting for an All-NBA selection. He’s that good.

MO: LaMelo Ball, G – Charlotte Hornets

Quick shutout to Tyrese Haliburton who’s had an amazing rookie season, but I have to agree on all points from Bradlee and give the edge to LaMelo Ball. Ball has taken his game to another level right now and is must-watch television.


Most Improved Player

BK:  Jerami Grant, F – Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant…It blows my mind that I’m even talking about someone on the Detroit Pistons. I don’t want to, but he’s been undeniable. He’s averaging 23/5/3, while his career averages are 10/4/1. He’s become the type of player you decide you want to be a piece of your team’s future. Huge growth from him. I wish I had been smart enough to see it coming.

MO:  Christian Wood, PF/C – Houston Rockets

Christian Wood has entered stardom this season. He went from 13 points, 6 rebounds and under a block per game to All-Star status averaging 22.0 points, 10.2 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. Even though Wood has missed the last month of the season his 17 games played is still a good enough sample size to win this award. He’s expected to return right after the break or shortly after.  Houston. Problem averted. Wood is back!

Honorable mention: Chris Boucher, PF – Toronto Raptors


6th Man of the Year

BK: Jordan Clarkson, G – Utah Jazz

This award can’t go to anyone other than Jordan Clarkson in my opinion. He’s on the best team in the league and getting starter’s minutes. He’s pulling down 18+ PPG and is shooting career highs from the floor and the free throw line. He’s simply instant offense, much like Lou Williams (who should become the namesake of this award).

MO: Jordan Clarkson, G – Utah Jazz

Like my compadre stated, this award can’t go to anyone else! Clarkson has been an integral part of the Jazz success this season owning the NBA’s best record. Clarkson is coming off the bench every night and consistently posting 18 PPG with ease. Now that’s some smooth Jazz I need to play on my record player.


1st Team All-NBA

BK –  Guard: Kyrie Irving   |   Guard: James Harden   |   Forward: Giannis Antetokounmpo    |   Forward: LeBron James   |    Center: Nikola Jokic

The only snubs from this list, in my eyes, would be Kevin Durant and Luka Doncic. I think Kevin’s absence from his hamstring injury and COVID protocols would knock him down to 2nd team. I also think Dallas’ struggles from a win/loss perspective also helps me lean towards Kyrie.

MO –  Guard: Stephen Curry   |   Guard: Luka Doncic   |   Forward: LeBron James   |   Forward: Giannis Antetokounmpo    |   Center: Joel Embiid

Can I not list Nikola Jokic as a forward!? He definitely deserves to be on this list, but I give the slight edge to Joel Embiid at center. Stephen Curry is a lock for me as he might be my no.2 in MVP voting. He has put the Warriors on his back and is playing just like he was in his MVP seasons five years ago!

Awards are nice and all but if you’re looking for help with your fantasy basketball roster, you can find it in Mike Omelan’s Week 11 Waiver Wire.

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