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Fantasy Baseball 2019: NL-Only First Base Rankings, Tiers, and Projections (Updated!)

If you’ve never played in an ‘Only’ league, the player pool can feel a lot different than if you play in mixed leagues. Such was the case with my AL-Only First Base Rankings. First base is supposed to be home to some of the biggest bats in baseball. I know first base has been down a little bit last the last few years, but it really hit home with my AL rankings. After finalizing (they’re never final) my 2019 NL-Only First Base Rankings I can say it left me with a much better feeling. We’ll get to that in a bit.

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About My Rankings

I explain the full process I use to do my rankings in my AL Catcher Rankings. The thing you need to take away is that all my rankings are based strictly on my projections. I take the raw stats from my projections and, using a Standings Gains Points system, convert them to rankings. I never just rely on my surface perception and shift players around… never… except for these ranking you see below. I have to be honest; using the projections you see below, Josh Bell was ranked ahead of Max Muncy and Jesus Aguilar. I am expecting a bit of regression from both of those late bloomers, but I just can’t buy Bell over those two. Austin Slater was also ranked at No. 11, just in front of Ian Desmond. Again, I just can’t see it. Riley is currently slotted in as the starting right fielder in San Francisco. I expect that to change. So when my projections run that contrary to my perceptions, I have to take a deep look at both. Basically, what I’m saying is, I will be circling back to these projections very soon.

Drafting First Base in 2019 NL-Only Drafts

The NL might not be able to match the sheer power of Joey Gallo, Matt Olson, or Edwin Encarnacion, but it does offer a few more well-rounded bats. It’s not until you get down to 18th ranked Peter O’Brien when you run into a hitter that could do serious damage to your team’s batting average. Without those average killers, I feel like it’s not quite as important to target specific first basemen in NL-Only leagues. Any of the top eight offer enough power to be one of the anchors for your fantasy team.

A real key player in NL leagues this year will be Joey Votto. He’s had a few blips during his career. Years where things just didn’t go right. Of course he’s getting to the age where it might not have been a blip. Is it just the natural decline we should expect from an aging player. I’m split somewhere in between. If Votto falls far enough though I’ll take that chance.

One first baseman I’m targeting for my corner spots is Matt Adams. He’ll start the season as a backup to Ryan Zimmerman, along with maybe occasional appearances in the outfield. If Zimmerman doesn’t step up his production from last year, I see a situation where Adams plays first any time a right-hander is on the mound. Over his career Adams has hit .279 with 83 HRs against righties and only .208 with 13 HRs against lefties. He’s topped 20 HRs in each of the last two years despite inconsistent play. He could easily top 25 if he grabs the bulk of the at-bats at first base in 2019.

2019 NL-Only First Base Rankings

These rankings are based on the traditional 5X5 rotisserie categories. In cases where players are eligible at outfield as well (Desmond, Bellinger), I’ve ranked them at first base as you,ll likely use a good share of them to fill your corner slots.

11Freddie Freeman31941016.295
21Anthony Rizzo30891063.290
31Paul Goldschmidt3096964.285
42Cody Bellinger3389929.260
52Joey Votto2382871.294
62Matt Carpenter2990802.262
72Max Muncy3281922.256
83Josh Bell2178841.268
93Peter Alonso2762735.259
103Jesus Aguilar2664760.261
113Eric Hosmer2072693.263
123Brandon Belt2266662.259
133Ian Desmond14645910.261
144Ryan Zimmerman1948651.273
154Matt Adams2245560.271
164Wilmer Flores1947511.273
174Peter O'Brien2245530.250
185Neil Walker1247490.250
195Eric Thames1740353.228
205Jose Martinez1031350.305
216Mark Reynolds1229371.254
226Ryan McMahon826261.248
236Derek Dietrich835291.253
246David Freese521230.258
256Miguel Rojas430322.267

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Doug Anderson is a 10-year veteran of the Fantasy Sports industry. His work has appeared on,,, and, as well as in the pages of USA Today’s Fantasy Baseball Weekly and various other magazines. Doug has participated in both LABR and Tout Wars, the two preeminent expert fantasy baseball leagues in existence. Doug was formerly the Executive Editor at RotoExperts and is now Managing Editor here at FantraxHQ. You can follow him on Twitter @RotoDaddy.

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