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Sell High Fantasy Basketball Targets for Week 6

In fantasy basketball we look to sell high on players we don’t think will sustain their current production. It could be for a myriad number of reasons. One reason a player might not keep their fantasy basketball status high is health. It’s almost impossible to predict specific injuries but there is a subsection of players that seem to be prone to injuries in general. Selling high while the player is healthy or reasonably healthy could be one tactic to improve the long-term outlook of your fantasy basketball team. And then there are players where health might not be a factor but they are just having an outlier run. It’s not always easy to determine this. However, we can look at historical data to determine if what a player is currently doing in fantasy basketball is in their expected range of outcomes or not. The following is a list of fantasy basketball assets you should consider cashing out in 9 category leagues.

Fantasy Basketball Sell High Targets

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is currently going bananas right now. He is currently the second overall player on a per-game value in 9-cat. Moreover, Davis has been top-two in six seasons for fantasy basketball. So this is absolutely within his potential range of outcomes. The elephant in the room is Davis’ health. Let’s be optimistic and assume his hand injury is nothing of concern. That doesn’t mean the injury bug won’t get him at some point. And right now, Davis is carrying a massive load with LeBron out. What if he doesn’t get injured? That’s possible. It’s also possible the Lakers start load-managing Davis in an attempt to preserve his health. It’s all about minimizing risk here. Congratulations on drafting Anthony Davis in the second round. It might be time to explore the trade front and see if you can get a first-round talent that is less likely to miss games going forward in exchange for Davis.

Myles Turner

Myles Turner already missed games at the start of the season due to injury. That means he’s safe and won’t get injured again, right? That was my attempt and sarcasm. Currently, Turner is producing career-bests in points, rebounds, and percentages. I would expect his points and free throw percentage to come down a little bit, but his overall fantasy impact is within his range of outcomes. Myles Turner is delivering second-round fantasy value for your fantasy basketball team based on his per-game numbers. He also did this in 2020-21, but only played 47 games before an injury derailed his season. If you are risk-averse I’d recommend selling high.

Kristaps Porzingis

Like the previous two players on this list, Kristaps Porzingis is an injury-prone player. The Zing God is providing top-25 numbers on a per-game basis for fantasy basketball this season. He’s done that three times in his career so it’s definitely within his range of outcomes. Porzingis has played 70 games once his career and that was his rookie season. He has eclipsed 60 games one other time and that was his sophomore season in the league. When Kristaps Porzingis is healthy he’s fantastic for fantasy basketball. I would suggest you look to trade him for a top-30 player who is likely to play more total games this season.

Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie has never finished as a top 100 fantasy basketball asset based on per-game stats ever! He is currently delivering top-50 value. Dinwiddie is a career 32.8% shooter from three. He’s currently shooting over 40%. It seems unsustainable, but he was also doing this after being traded to Dallas last season. Maybe playing with Luka has really unlocked his shooting by relieving defensive pressure. Dinwiddie is also attempting a career-high 7.1 threes per game which seems really high. Assuming the shoulder injury isn’t serious and he isn’t missing games plural it might be best to see what your options are on the trade front. Sell while he’s at the peak of his powers.

De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox burned a lot of fantasy basketball managers last season. I was one of those managers. However, he got hot after the Kings traded Haliburton for Sabonis. Currently, Fox is encroaching round one value in fantasy basketball. The small sample of success playing with Sabonis last season is proving to be real. What might not be real are his percentages. As of writing this article Fox is shooting 62.6% on twos. That’s absurd for a point guard and it’s driving up his overall field goal percentage. Also, he’s shooting almost ten percent better from the charity stripe this season. I have no doubt this will end up being De’Aaron Fox’s best fantasy basketball season. His previous best finish was 70th (on a per-game basis) in 2018-19. I wouldn’t trade him for a fringe top-40 player, but if you can get in that top-20 zone I’d pull the trigger.

What fantasy basketball players have you sold high on this season?

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