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Statcast Standouts: Plate Discipline Risers and Fallers

While it is still early in the season, it is never a bad time to start diving into batted ball data to look at hitters who have been performing well. Looking at statcast data can be helpful to help validate performances, though the changed ball makes things a little more complicated. For today’s Statcast Standouts article, we will look at some hitters who have looked strong in plate discipline statistics and those who have regressed from last season.

Statcast Standouts: Plate Discipline Statistics

O-Swing Percentage

O-Swing percentage gives a good idea of how well a hitter knows the strike zone and chases pitches. You may have heard O-Swing also called chase rate. O-Swing is defined as swings at pitches outside the zone divided by pitches outside the zone.


PlayerTeam22 O-Swing%21 O-Swing%Difference
Dominic SmithNYM21.10%38.00%16.90%
Jose IglesiasCOL30.30%46.90%16.60%
Gavin LuxLAD12.10%26.30%14.20%
Will SmithLAD10.60%24.70%14.10%
Salvador PerezKCR37.30%48.30%11.00%
Pavin SmithARI18.10%28.70%10.60%
Nick SolakTEX23.90%34.20%10.30%
Tyler NaquinCIN31.40%41.20%9.80%
Martin MaldonadoHOU17.90%27.30%9.40%
Jesse WinkerSEA18.70%27.80%9.10%
Jose AbreuCHW26.90%35.90%9.00%
Austin MeadowsDET20.20%29.00%8.80%

Gavin Lux has made significant strides at the plate and is off to a solid start to the 2022 season. He has a .250/.378/.417 slash line with a home run and two stolen bases. Lux is chasing less often this year and has cut his O-swing percentage from 26.3 percent to 12.1 percent in the early sample. He is making less zone contact, which has always been a solid strength for Lux. But if the zone contact comes back with the low chase rate, Lux could be in for an even better season.


PlayerTeam22 O-Swing%21 O-Swing%Difference
Raimel TapiaTOR54.70%36.70%-18.00%
Joey GalloNYY35.80%22.10%-13.70%
Josh DonaldsonNYY38.70%26.30%-12.40%
Jonathan IndiaCIN36.60%25.00%-11.60%
Tim AndersonCHW51.90%40.50%-11.40%
Rafael DeversBOS47.40%36.10%-11.30%
Giancarlo StantonNYY42.30%31.80%-10.50%
Jeimer CandelarioDET42.40%32.30%-10.10%
Gleyber TorresNYY37.50%27.50%-10.00%
Didi GregoriusPHI46.60%36.70%-9.90%
Victor RoblesWSN38.10%28.30%-9.80%

The list of fallers finds several Yankees in the top ten. Joey Gallo, Josh Donaldson, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gleyber Torres all crack the top ten of biggest O-Swing fallers. Another concerning name is Tim Anderson, who chased 40.5 percent of balls out of the zone last season, and the trend has continued. He has an O-Swing percentage up over 50 right now.

Z-Swing Percentage

Like O-Swing percentage, Z-Swing is simply the number of swings a batter takes on pitches thrown in the strike zone. Zone swings help show how aggressive or passive a hitter may be on pitches in the zone. The higher number of zone swings, the better.


PlayerTeam22 Z-Swing%21 Z-Swing%Difference
Christian VazquezBOS78.50%66.00%12.50%
Yasmani GrandalCHW63.00%51.10%11.90%
Leury GarciaCHW83.30%72.50%10.80%
Mitch HanigerSEA75.80%65.40%10.40%
Cedric Mullins IIBAL74.70%64.50%10.20%
Matt DuffyLAA73.20%63.10%10.10%
Jason HeywardCHC69.80%61.30%8.50%
Miguel RojasMIA75.90%67.60%8.30%
Marcus SemienTEX79.60%71.60%8.00%
Bryce HarperPHI82.40%74.50%7.90%
Alex VerdugoBOS72.10%64.40%7.70%

Bryce Harper is the name that stands out most to be on this list. Harper’s swing rate is up nearly ten percentage points from last season. He always posts extremely high walk rates, giving him a boosted value in OBP leagues. This year, however, Harper is swinging more and putting more balls in play. His swinging-strike rate is up, but it will be fun to see what Harper can do if he continues to swing at more pitches in the zone.


PlayerTeam22 Z-Swing%21 Z-Swing%Difference
Jake CronenworthSDP48.30%62.60%-14.30%
Jose AltuveHOU53.00%66.70%-13.70%
Rougned OdorBAL59.60%73.20%-13.60%
Christian WalkerARI69.90%83.40%-13.50%
Kyle SchwarberPHI54.50%67.60%-13.10%
Trent GrishamSDP53.00%65.50%-12.50%
Austin SlaterSFG54.50%66.30%-11.80%
Josh DonaldsonNYY60.00%71.50%-11.50%
Patrick WisdomCHC65.60%77.10%-11.50%
Eddie RosarioATL65.70%77.10%-11.40%

Jake Cronenworth’s early-season struggles could be due to the lack of swinging. His walk rate is over double what it was last season, but his swing rate is down almost 15 percentage points. His contact is as good as ever, but Cronenworth needs to be more aggressive as he has seen his called strikes rate go up significantly.

Z-Contact Percentage

When looking at zone-contact percentage, you can define it as the number of times a hitter makes contact on pitches inside the zone divided by swings on pitches in the zone. Zone contact is a great metric to tell how efficient a hitter is at making contact, especially on good pitches thrown in the zone.


PlayerTeam22 Z-Contact%21 Z-Contact%Difference
Eric HaaseDET89.50%76.30%13.20%
Amed RosarioCLE96.20%85.20%11.00%
Michael A. TaylorKCR90.70%80.60%10.10%
Joey WendleMIA98.20%88.10%10.10%
Maikel FrancoWSN94.90%85.00%9.90%
Randy ArozarenaTBR85.90%76.00%9.90%
Freddie FreemanLAD93.70%84.40%9.30%
Didi GregoriusPHI94.00%84.90%9.10%
Yandy DiazTBR96.20%87.50%8.70%
Mitch HanigerSEA91.50%82.90%8.60%
Cody BellingerLAD85.50%77.10%8.40%

It is certainly good to see Cody Bellinger’s name make this leaderboard. After two seasons of massive struggles, it is good to see him getting back on track. Bellinger’s contact rates resemble his 2019 MVP season, and his zone-contact rate is better so far in 2022. It is still early, but Cody Bellinger could be having a significant bounce-back season.


PlayerTeam22 Z-Contact%21 Z-Contact%Difference
Austin SlaterSFG50.00%78.80%-28.80%
Jason HeywardCHC64.90%90.70%-25.80%
Omar NarvaezMIL72.40%88.30%-15.90%
Paul DeJongSTL69.40%83.40%-14.00%
Jarred KelenicSEA73.00%85.20%-12.20%
Brendan RodgersCOL74.60%86.60%-12.00%
Trevor StoryBOS74.50%86.10%-11.60%
Gavin LuxLAD77.20%88.50%-11.30%
Elvis AndrusOAK82.00%91.60%-9.60%
Dansby SwansonATL71.60%81.00%-9.40%

Jarred Kelenic needed a solid start to the season, and unfortunately, it has not come. Kelenic currently has a .167/.226/.354 slash line and a 37.7 percent strikeout rate. It is a little concerning to see the contact skills regress some in the early going. Kelenic’s contact rate has dipped below 70 percent, and his zone contact has dropped over 12 percentage points so far in 2022.

Contact Percentage

Contact percentage is defined as the number of pitches in which contact was made divided by total swings. Not all contact is created equal, which is why zone contact can be helpful to use. A hitter can make a ton of contact out of the zone, but it does not matter if it is poor contact quality. But, contact percentage gives a good idea of how often a hitter is swinging and making contact with the baseball.


PlayerTeam22 Contact%21 Contact%Difference
Eric HaaseDET87.00%67.40%19.60%
Joey WendleMIA91.10%77.30%13.80%
Amed RosarioCLE86.90%76.80%10.10%
Michael A. TaylorKCR80.00%70.60%9.40%
Andrew VaughnCHW87.00%78.00%9.00%
Yandy DiazTBR90.70%82.10%8.60%
Austin MeadowsDET85.50%77.20%8.30%
Ke'Bryan HayesPIT88.80%80.50%8.30%
Ian HappCHC78.30%70.30%8.00%
Francisco LindorNYM85.40%77.50%7.90%

It is great to see Andrew Vaughn crack this list as a player who has improved his contact skills in 2022. Vaughn is forcing his way into the everyday lineup(which is crazy to even say), thanks to a .306/.375/.611 slash with three home runs through 40 plate appearances. His statcast metrics are off the chart, which is a strong combo to have with the contact rate improving.


PlayerTeam22 Contact%21 Contact%Difference
Matt DuffyLAA71.20%86.10%-14.90%
Brendan RodgersCOL67.00%80.00%-13.00%
Jason HeywardCHC65.60%78.20%-12.60%
Raimel TapiaTOR74.50%87.00%-12.50%
Omar NarvaezMIL67.20%79.00%-11.80%
Chris TaylorLAD58.90%69.40%-10.50%
Carlos CorreaMIN70.10%80.50%-10.40%
Dansby SwansonATL62.90%72.70%-9.80%
Jorge PolancoMIN72.00%81.60%-9.60%
Adam DuvallATL63.70%73.20%-9.50%

Sadly, it is not surprising to see Dansby Swanson as a prominent faller and having one of the worst contact rates among all hitters. He has the most strikeouts among all hitters, so naturally, the poor contact rate comes with that. It is still too early to write off Swanson completely, but his start to 2022 has been dreadful.

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Statistical References: Fangraphs, Baseball Savant 

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