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Week 2 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks: Money Makers and Heart Breakers

Welcome back to Money Makers and Heart Breakers for NFL Week 2. Each week I will cover NFL DFS picks for the main slate on Sundays. You will find some deep analysis of why a player will win you money and why a player will definitely break your heart.

There have been some rough injuries to start the season, to say the least. I am wondering if we have seen the last of Aaron Rodgers with his torn Achilles tendon. I am sure it is not the way he would like to go out. Things like this make you realize you need to make the most of your time doing whatever it is you do. Let’s make the most of your DFS lineups this week with my Week 2 NFLS DFS picks here in Money Makers and Heart Breakers.

Here is a brief definition of each of my terms for anyone that might be new:

💰 Money Maker – This player will perform better than expectations

💔 Heart Breaker – This player will perform lower than expectations

💰 Money Makers – Week 2 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks


Patrick Mahomes 

First, let’s start with this is Patrick “BLEEPING” Mahomes, the best quarterback playing football today. Second, the Chiefs are playing the Jaguars in Week 2. The Jaguars gave up 21.92 fantasy points to Anthony Richardson, a rookie quarterback, in Week 1. This game looks like it will be a shootout as it has the highest over-under of the week at 51 points. In Week 1 Mahomes finished as the QB7 and if you want to pay up at the position in DFS there is not more of a sure thing than Patrick Mahomes. Travis Kelce is expected to play and the Chiefs will be looking to bounce back from their week 1 loss.

$8,300 on DraftKings
$9,200 on FanDuel

Trevor Lawrence

If you like the idea of playing one quarterback in a potential shootout, you may also like the idea of playing the other quarterback as well. Lawrence threw for 241 yards and 2 touchdowns in week 1 against the Colts. The Chiefs gave up 253 yards and a touchdown in week 1 to Jared Goff. Look for Lawrence to connect with Ridley some more this week against the Chiefs. Bang! Bang! Shootout!

$6,700 on DraftKings
$7,800 on FanDuel

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill wasn’t very good in week 1. He only threw for 198 yards. No touchdowns. There is good news here though. In week 2 he gets to play against the Chargers. The same Chargers team gave up 466 yards and 3 touchdowns to the Miami Dolphins in week 1. The Chargers defense didn’t look very good last week. I expect a typical Tannehill game here 250 yards or so and multiple touchdowns. If you want to pay down he is a great option in a good matchup.

$5,000 on DraftKings
$6,400 on FanDuel

Other Quarterback DFS Picks for Week 2

Justin Herbert

$7,000 on DraftKings
$8,200 on FanDuel

Justin Feilds

$7,600 on DraftKings
$8,000 on FanDuel

Baker Mayfield

$5,100 on DraftKings
$6,800 on FanDuel

Running Backs

Derrick Henry

Last week the Chargers gave up 37 yards and a touchdown to Raheem Mostert. Mostert is not Derrick Henry. Henry was involved in both running with 63 yards and receiving with another 56 yards. Against the Chargers defense, he should easily top 100 yards and a touchdown. The King has returned (to your DFS Lineup in Week 2)

$7,400 on DraftKings
$8,300 on FanDuel

Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson

The Falcons like to run the ball and run the ball some more. Just when you think they might pass the ball that goes to a running back as well. In week 2 the Falcons play the Packers. The Packers gave up a combined 143 yards and a touchdown in week 1 to Bears running backs. The Falcons dynamic duo at running back torched the Carolina Panthers in week 1 for a combined 131 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing as well as 9 receptions for 46 yards and another touchdown. Both Falcons running backs scored 17 or more points in week 1. Arthur Smith ensures you that is how the Falcons will approach week 2 as well.

Bijan Robinson

$7,900 on DraftKings
$8,100 on FanDuel

Tyler Allgeier

$5,500 on DraftKings
$7,100 on FanDuel

Zack Moss

Right now it looks like Zack Moss will be playing in week 2 for the Colts. The Colts are playing the Texans. The last time the Colts played the Texans Moss had 114 yards and a touchdown rushing. The Texans gave up 3 rushing touchdowns in week 1 to the Ravens. I think you can pick up what I am putting down here right? Zack Moss is a DFS play in week 2.

$4,700 on DraftKings
$6,100 on FanDuel

Other Running Back DFS Picks for Week 2

Josh Jacobs

$7,100 on DraftKings
$7,500 on FanDuel

David Montgomery

$5,800 on DraftKings
$6,300 on FanDuel

Wide Receivers

Deandre Hopkins

I mentioned two Titans players already. You probably think I am nuts as the Titans didn’t look amazing in week 1. That was week 1, this is week 2. The Titans play the Chargers in week 2. The Chargers were torched by the Dolphins wide receivers in week 1. Hopkins meanwhile saw 13 targets in week 1, which he turned into 7 receptions for 65 yards. Hopkins had 39% of the target share and 46% share of the air yards. This is the breakout week for Hopkins this season. Play Deandre Hopkins in DFS Week 2. Stop thinking about it, just go and put him in your lineup.

$6,700 on DraftKings
$7,100 on FanDuel

Keenan Allen

We talk about the Chargers getting scorched by the Dolphins’ wide receivers in Week 1 Well, the Titans gave up the second most fantasy points to wide receivers in Week 1. With that in mind, I like running it back at wide receiver here with Hopkins going one way and Allen coming back the other. Allen had 9 targets for 6 receptions and 76 yards in week 1. He had 29% of the targets and a whopping 47% of the air yards. This should be bombs away for the Chargers passing game in week 2 and I am here for it.

$7,100 on DraftKings
$7,800 on FanDuel

DJ Moore  

You know who was bad for fantasy in Week 1? DJ Moore had 2 targets, 2 receptions, and only 25 yards. This is Week 2. In picking DFS plays for Week 2 I don’t always care about Week 1. The Bears play the Buccaneers in Week 2. The Bucs gave up the third most fantasy points to wide receivers in Week 1. DJ Moore has scored a touchdown in each of his last two games against the Buccaneers. We are looking a 100 yards or so and a touchdown in week 2 for Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore, how do you like it?

$5,500 on DraftKings
$6,100 on FanDuel

Other Wide Receiver DFS Picks for Week 2

Robert Woods

$4,600 on DraftKings
$5,800 on FanDuel

Ja’Marr Chase

$7,900 on DraftKings
$8,400 on FanDuel

Calvin Ridley

$7,200 on DraftKings
$8,300 on FanDuel

Tight Ends

Evan Engram

In week 1 Engram saw 5 targets. Engram turned those targets into 5 receptions for 51 yards. That was 15.6% target share. So, Engram is involved in this Jaguars passing game. I already mentioned this will be a shootout with the Chiefs as the highest-scoring game on the main slate. Factor in how lousy tight end play was in week 1 and Engram is a great DFS play for week 2.

$4,800 on DraftKings
$7,200 on FanDuel

Luke Musgrave

The Falcons gave up only 1 touchdown in week 1 and that was to a tight end. Musgrave is involved for the Packers with 3 receptions for 50 yards in week 1. He played 51 snaps which was more than any receiver on the team. Look for Musgrave to be involved in the passing attack week 2 as well.

$3,200 on DraftKings
$5,000 on FanDuel

Jake Ferguson

Do you know who led the Cowboys in target share in Week 1? It was Jake Ferguson with 7 targets which gave him a 28% target share. He turned that into only 2 receptions for 11 yards. The volume is what we are looking at though. He was targeted on 50% of the routes he ran. He is Dak Prescott’s safety blanket. The Jets are the opponent in Week 2. The Jets gave up 7 receptions for a total of 51 yards to the Bills tight ends in Week 1. Ferguson will see another 11 targets or so and do more with them in Week 2. Following the volume on this one.

$3,300 on DraftKings
$5,000 on FanDuel



The Cowboys look like the best defense in the NFL. They destroyed the Giants in Week 1. In Week 2 they get to go up against Zach Wilson and the Jets. Let’s face it Zach is not the best decision maker on the field. Looks for a few interceptions and some sacks from the Cowboys defense. The price is right too. DFS pick of the week for me.

$4,000 on DraftKings
$4,500 on FanDuel


In Week 1 The Giants were destroyed by the Cowboys’ defense. The Cowboys defense may be the best fantasy defense this season as well as the best real NFL defense this season. This week the Giants are playing the Cardinals. The Cardinal’s defense was no slouch in week 1. The Cardinals defense racked up 6 sacks, 1 interception, 2 fumble recoveries, and a defensive touchdown in the first week of play. I expect the Cardinals to get after the Giants in week 2. Excellent DFS pick for week 2.

$2,600 on DraftKings
$3,800 on FanDuel


In Week 1 the Texans defense managed 8 points against the Ravens. Meanwhile, the Colts gave up 2 fumbles, an interception, and 4 sacks to the Jaguars mediocre defense. I think the Texans defense can score between 8 and 10 fantasy points for you in week 2.

$3,600 on DraftKings
$3,400 on FanDuel

💔Heart Breakers – Week 2 NFL DFS Main Slate Picks

Quarter Backs

Russell Wilson

This one was too easy. It’s more about Wilson not being great than anything else. Wilson was unimpressive in Week 1. He did have 177 yards and 2 touchdowns. Everything about Wilson just seems bad now. From the Sean Payton ‘Kissing babies” comments to the lackluster performance he is an easy avoid.

Joe Burrow

I was out on Burrow last week and I am out on him again in week 2. He doesn’t look right and is up against another team he doesn’t always perform well against. In week one Joe was not smoking, he threw for only 82 yards on 31 attempts. To top it off Burrow looks like a burro when playing against the Ravens. Last season against the Ravens Joe’s best game was 217 yards and a touchdown. In his other game he threw for 215 yards and a touchdown. I would sit him everywhere let alone DFS.

Zach Wilson

Another super simple avoid. The Jets are playing the Cowboys in week 2. The Cowboys are the best defense in the NFL. Zach is not a very good quarterback. I’m keeping this short, just say no.

Running Backs

Austin Ekeler

This might be a moot point as Ekeler appears to have tweaked his ankle but even if he didn’t I would avoid in DFS. The Chargers play the Titans in week 2. The Titans are very good against the run, funneling teams towards the pass. I expect the Chargers to pass away attacking the defense where it is easiest. If Ekeler doesn’t go Joshua Kelley will become chalky but I would still avoid.

Najee Harris

It appears Harris is splitting time with Jaylen Warren now. Najee played 52% of the snaps to Warren’s 40% in week 1. So his playing time appears down with Warren eating into his touches. To top it off the Steelers are playing the Browns in week 2. The Browns defense held Joe Mixon pretty much in check in Week 1. Mixon totaled 73 yards with no touchdowns. Unless Harris scores he looks not playable for me this week at all.

Brian Robinson

In Week 1 I recommended playing Robinson. It was a good match-up. Week 2 is a bad match-up. The Denver defense held last season’s top running back, Josh Jacobs, to 8.1 fantasy points. I don’t expect Robinson to even reach that amount. This Commanders team looks pretty bad right now in general.

Wide Receivers

Kendrick Bourne

Bourne proved to be a waiver wire darling in redraft after a big Week 1. In Week 2 the Patriots play the Dolphins. The Dolphins actually did a very good job keeping the Chargers wide receivers in check in week 1. The Dolphins defense is also one you can beat with running backs. I expect this week to be a heavy does of Rhomandre Stevenson for the Patriots and less pass-heavy than Week 1 was.

Drake London

I only have him listed here because so many people think he will produce better in Week 2 than he did in Week 1. That is not happening in Week 2. He may get more than 1 target but don’t expect good things against a Packers defense that can shut wide receivers down. If you were crazy enough to consider playing him I admire your insanity.

Davante Adams

In Week 1 Adams had 6 receptions for 66 yards. He had a huge target share of 34.6% and a massive air yards share of 55.9%. I like him for the season. I don’t like him against the Bills in Week 2. Adams has a foot injury and Jacoby Meyers is in concussion protocol. I am not liking the Raiders pass game in Week 2.

Tight Ends

Durham Smythe

His name has come up because he had some pass volume in week 1. The Patriots defense is actually good. Don’t get cute here and plug him in. Its unlikely that he breaks out in week 2 against the Patriots.

Donald Parham

Parham is another guy to not get cute with. Parham caught a touchdown in week 1. The volume wasn’t there. He had 3 targets for 22 yards and a touchdown. If you play him you are banking on a touchdown.

Note: There are so many bad tight ends I am ending this with 2. We could go on forever.

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Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites over the last few years, and we’re not stopping now. We are the most customizable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich platform in the industry, offering the greatest fantasy experience for your dynasty, keeper, redraft, and best ball leagues. Fantasy sports doesn’t sleep, and neither does Fantrax, with seasons running 365 days a year. Take your fantasy leagues to the next level now at!
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