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Choosing a Fantasy EPL Setup for Your Fantrax League

In this series of articles, we’ll discuss the plethora of options available to commissioners during the league setup stage of their Fantasy EPL League on Fantrax. In order to more easily understand which configuration will be best for you and your league-mates, you first need to think about how much of a commitment the managers in your league are willing to take on.

Are your league-mates new to the draft version of Fantasy Premier League? Or are they seasoned and ready for a new challenge? Let’s begin by looking at the evolution of most Draft Premier League managers, as that will help you to gauge how in-depth to make your league setup.

Click on any of the categories for an explanation of those game types.


Your Draft Premier League Evolution

There are marked stages in every Draft Premier League manager’s life. Most enthusiasts of this game progress through these stages without ever stopping to admire their own evolution. However, these stages are very real. And we want to show you how the Fantrax platform has got all of your Fantasy EPL league setup needs covered, regardless of which stage you’re currently in. Let’s start by reviewing the stages and the draft fantasy games most often enjoyed by managers in each stage.

1. Draft Dabbler

You have probably recently made the switch from the official Premier League salary cap game or maybe your mate has harassed you to the point that you’ve agreed to join a Draft PL league. You think about your draft team between 1 and 5 times a week. You’re enjoying yourself, even if you’re a little bit taken aback about the level of strategy required in this new game. You begin to see how the draft, the waiver wire, and trades are all separate but interconnected parts of this game.

Fantrax league setups that often appeal to Draft Dabblers: Season-Long Draft Leagues using either Head-to-Head Points scoring or Overall Points scoring.

2. Draft Dedicated

After a year or two as a Dabbler, the draft game has got its hooks in you. You’ve noticed yourself thinking about your team more and more. When you hear Premier League news or watch Match of the Day, you find yourself wondering if you should trade for (or pick up from waivers) the players being discussed. You get hyped up just thinking about that player you drafted or picked up early in the season who went on to dominate your league. You’ve found #DPL Twitter and you’ve likely found your way into more leagues than you can possibly manage… but you’re up for the challenge.

Fantrax league setups that often appeal to the Draft Dedicated: Season-Long Auction, Rotisserie, Head-to-Head Category, and Head-to-Head Most Categories leagues.

3. Draft Devotee

You now think about the draft game and your draft teams when you hear any small bit of Premier League news. During the “off-season,” you’re reading up on promoted teams and transfer news. For fun, you’re plugging into as much draft-related material as you can, and creating your very own top 200 draft rankings. You’re starting to wonder if you actually know more than the so-called “experts”. You’ve also enabled notifications for several top follows in the Draft Community. You are obsessed. But you prefer a word with a less negative connotation. You’re… passionate, fanatical even. Whatever you call it, you’re in it for the long-haul.

Fantrax league setups that often appeal to Draft Devotees: Keeper and Dynasty leagues.

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