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New Fantrax Fantasy EPL Scoring System

We are delighted to announce a brand new Fantrax Scoring System which will be assigned as the default scoring settings for Fantasy EPL.  This new scoring system is heavily based on the Togga scoring you all know and love, but we’ve evolved this based on feedback received throughout the past year.  Read below for full details on the exciting new Fantrax Scoring System we are using for Draft Premier League!!

Please create a new league from scratch for the 20/21 season in order to pick up the new default Fantrax Scoring System.


New Fantrax Scoring System

First things first, as we have mentioned above, the new Fantrax Scoring System is heavily based on the Togga Scoring System widely used in the Draft Premier League Community.  The changes made are very slight amendments to certain scoring categories, as well as adding in one scoring category that many users wanted adding.  Fantasy EPL players will still be rewarded for positive contributions to the game such as key passes, successful dribbles, accurate crosses, tackles, interceptions, and aerials.  The premise of the sophisticated and intelligent scoring system pioneered by Togga still remains, with all statistics being taken directly from Opta’s data feed.

The below table outlines the new Fantrax Scoring System in full.  Cells marked in yellow show the individual scores that have been amended, and the row marked in blue shows the new scoring category that has been added:

New Fantrax Scoring System 1

Continue reading below to find out more on the changes that have been made, and how these will benefit your Fantasy EPL league on Fantrax!


Fixing Incorrect Settings

First and foremost, we’ve fixed the settings on Fantrax to ensure they are correct for the Clean Sheets and Goals Against scoring categories.  These have been incorrectly assigned on Fantrax in past seasons, which has caused a lot of confusion for users.

The ‘Clean Sheets On Field’ scoring category will ensure that players only receive their clean sheet points bonus if they did not concede a goal during their time on the field (if they played for 60 minutes or more).  You need the ‘Clean Sheets On Field’ scoring category assigned as the amount of points you would like a defender to receive for a clean sheet, and then add positional overrides for midfielders and forwards.  Manually assign the number of clean sheet points you would like midfielders and forwards to receive.  The New Fantrax Scoring system rewards defenders with 6 points, midfielders with 1 point, and forwards with 0 points for a clean sheet.

The ‘Goals Against Outfielders’ scoring category is assigned as 0 points, with an override for defenders set at -2 points.  This ensures that a player assigned as a defender in your Fantrax lineup will receive the Goals Against points irrespective of which position they are officially fielded on the pitch.  Similarly, if a midfielder in your Fantrax lineup plays in defence in real life, this scoring category means that they will not receive negative points for Goals Against, because you have played them in midfield.  For example, if you play Doherty in defence but he actually plays in midfield for Wolves, you will receive the minus points for Goals Against.  If you play Ritchie in midfield but he actually plays in defence for Newcastle, you won’t receive the minus points for Goals Against.

We have also added all scoring categories for goalkeepers, as previously they only had a handful of categories added by default.  Although it is unlikely a goalkeeper will produce an Accurate Cross or a Successful Dribble, these scoring categories have now been added for goalkeepers so that they will be rewarded if they do occur.  The ‘Minutes Played’ scoring category has been added and assigned as 0 points for all positions.  The reason this statistic has been added is so that the ‘Live Scoring’ and ‘Games (Fantasy)’ screens will now show the number of minutes a player featured for during their game.  And finally, the confusing ‘Second Yellow Card’ points scoring category has been removed.


Penalty Kicks Missed Added

The one we received the most feedback on.  The ‘Penalty Kicks Missed’ scoring category has been added to the new Fantrax Scoring System.  This has been assigned a value of -4.  Due to a player receiving 2 points for a shot on target, this means that the player will only receive a -2 for missing a penalty if the goalkeeper saves it.  The player would receive the full -4 points if they hit the woodwork or miss the target completely.

We felt that it was essential the Penalty Kicks Missed scoring category was added to the new Fantrax Scoring System.  Missing a penalty is a huge mistake for a player to make, and is negatively scored in all other Fantasy EPL games.  The fact that a player actually gains points from missing a penalty in the Togga Scoring System, if he shoots on target, causes a lot of frustration for Fantrax users.  We’ve had endless questions raised this season about why a player is actually rewarded for missing a penalty!  Having a player miss a penalty and walk away with an additional 2 points for a shot on target will be a thing of the past.


Own Goals Points Reduction

We’ve reduced the amount of points a player receives for scoring an Own Goal in the new Fantrax Scoring System.  The ‘Own Goals’ scoring category is now assigned as -5 points, rather than the -9 points used in the Togga Scoring System.  Many Fantrax users felt that -9 points was too much punishment for an action which usually occurs via a slice of bad luck.  Obviously an Own Goal still needs to be punished as it has a huge impact on the most important statistic during a soccer game: the score between the two teams.  By having Own Goals assigned as -5 points, this now sits directly in the middle of two other negative scoring categories; Yellow Cards (-3) and Red Cards (-7).


Goals/Assists Discrepancy

In the Togga Scoring System, there is a discrepancy between the number of points players score for goals and assists.  Since it’s more difficult for defenders and goalkeepers to accomplish these actions, they receive additional points for these stat categories.  This makes sense.  However, the number of additional points they receive for undertaking these actions was not aligned.

The Togga Scoring System rewards goals and assists as follows:

Draft EPL

The new Fantrax Scoring System will reward goals and assists as follows:

Fantasy EPL

As you can see in the Togga Scoring System, defenders and goalkeepers receive one additional point for scoring a goal.  However, defenders receive two additional points for providing an assist, and goalkeepers receive three additional points for an assist.  Therefore, we have reduced the number of points defenders and goalkeepers receive for an assist down to 7.  This means that defenders and goalkeepers now gain one additional point for both goals and assists.  This streamlining of these two scoring categories will make the new Fantrax Scoring System easier to follow and a lot less confusing for users trying to work where their points have come from!


Goalkeeper Key Pass Reduction

In the Togga Scoring System goalkeepers receive 6 points for a Key Pass, whereas outfielders receive 2 points.  It is harder for a goalkeeper to provide a Key Pass, that much is obvious.  However, in order to streamline the scoring, the new Fantrax Scoring System scores a Key Pass for all players as 2 points.

A goalkeeper doesn’t receive additional points for a shot on target, an accurate cross or winning a tackle, so there is no reason why they should receive additional points for a Key Pass.  A Key Pass made by a goalkeeper will usually be a long aimless ball downfield which ends up running through to the striker for a shot on goal.  Rewarding this with the same number of points as an actual assist from a midfield or forward is too much, so we’ve reduced a goalkeeper Key Pass down to 2 points.  This will further streamline the scoring, and make it easier to follow for all users.


User Recommendations

To go alongside the new Fantrax Scoring System, we do have a couple of recommendations for users.  We recommend that you start your Fantrax league from scratch, rather than using the Renew/Copy option from any existing leagues.  This will ensure that these new scoring settings are picked up, and the corrections to the Clean Sheets and Goals Against scoring categories are present in your new Fantrax league.  You are able to use the Renew/Copy option if you wish, but please ensure that you match these settings 100% accurately!

The new Fantrax Scoring System outlined here will now be the default scoring settings when you create a league, but of course you can customize the points scoring settings however you please.


New Fantrax Scoring System Settings in Full

Please find below images of the New Fantrax Scoring System, with the exact scoring categories and points assigned:


Taking Fantasy EPL to The Next Level

So there we have it.  The New Fantrax Scoring System to take Fantasy EPL to the next level.  This will be set as the default points scoring system for all Fantasy EPL leagues ahead of the new season.  We’ve evolved the popular Togga Scoring System, adding one much needed scoring category, and streamlining a few others to make them easier to follow.  We strongly encourage all users to use the New Fantrax Scoring System in their Fantasy EPL leagues going forward!


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