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Six Reasons To Play Draft Premier League on Fantrax

So you play in a head-to-head Fantasy EPL Draft League.  This league is one of the most important parts of your life, and rightfully so.  The banter with your league mates is great, but you do feel a little restricted by the options and features available on the platform you’re currently using.  This is where Fantrax can help!  The only place to play Draft Premier League is Fantrax, and here are six reasons why!

Looking for a better way to play Fantasy Premier League? The Fantrax draft-style EPL Fantasy Soccer Leagues are the most feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable in the industry. Sign up now to enjoy the incredible experience that is a Fantasy EPL Draft League on Fantrax!

Draft Premier League – Why Fantrax?

If you’re currently playing Fantasy EPL, but not on Fantrax, we would love to have you join one of the fastest growing fantasy sports websites out there!  If you’re reading this article, that’s a great start.  Now read below and find out why you should be playing Draft Premier League on Fantrax!

Customization Options

Fantrax has an unrivaled set of customization options, as well as being the most feature-rich and easy-to-use fantasy sports platform out there.  If you’re looking to play Draft Premier League with the freedom to amend rules and lift restrictions on managers, Fantrax is the place to be!  The customization options are pretty much endless and cover you during your league set-up, as well as mid-season.

You are able to decide everything from roster sizes to which days your waiver requests process.  From the minimum/maximum number of players from each position required in rosters to the scoring system/categories used.  You can decide how trades and waiver claims are processed, when line-ups are locked for amendments, and even which Premier League teams’ players feature in your league!

You can also change things mid-season if you’re not happy with the set-up, or just if you want to amend the options as a one-off.  Do you want to change when waiver wire claims occur for the next period?  Go for it!  Do you need to manually override a particular head-to-head score from the latest period?  No problem!  Have you decided that you want to amend the scoring system slightly mid-season?  Be our guest!  Any possible customization you could ever think of is available as part of the Fantrax Fantasy EPL offering.

Due to this customization alone, you will want to play Draft Premier League on Fantrax.  The options available to league commissioners on Fantrax is simply unparalleled and will enable you to create a Fantasy EPL game around the needs of your league members.

Flexible Rosters

One of the key positives about Fantrax is the ability to customize the size of the rosters.  As standard, a Fantrax squad consists of 16 players.  Settings can be put in place to limit the number of players that managers can own from each position, and of course, there are minimums and maximums for the number of players from each position that you need to place in your starting eleven.  The key thing to note here is that you have that flexibility in your squad make-up.  If you only want to own one goalkeeper, then go for it.  If you want to hoard midfielders and own eight of them, that’s completely fine!  This customization and flexibility mean that you can put your own stamp on your squad, and make this flexibility work in your favor.

Having this flexibility in your squad make-up also means there are fewer trade restrictions.  You are able to trade a midfielder for a forward.  You are able to trade a defender for a midfielder.  Managers can also put together multi-man trades that will leave your squad over or under the squad size limits.  If you trade away two players for one player, you can then simply add a free agent from the pool of available players to get back up to a full squad.  If you accept a trade to take two players in exchange for one, then your squad will be illegal.  This means that you will need to drop one of your players before the gameweek period starts in order to comply with the squad restrictions.  You can even set up official multi-team trades between several managers in the same transaction!

This flexibility and customization is a key feature of Fantrax.  Having complete flexibility over how you put your squad together is a huge selling point.  Platforms that force you to own two goalkeepers or five defenders do not allow the freedom that Draft Premier League managers require!

Statistical Database

An amazing positive about the Fantrax platform is the access to statistics that other platforms cannot compare with.  Fantrax uses live statistical data from Opta, which essentially means that anything that they report on, Fantrax can use!  This means that the scoring system can be as complex as you would like, and the level of detail that you are afforded in terms of research is insane!

The main thing that this complex statistical database is used for is to create a scoring system that incorporates them!  On Fantrax, players are rewarded for making contributions to the game rather than just goals, assists, and clean sheets.  This means that a scoring system that reflects key contributions such as key passes, tackles, or aerials won has been created.  By using this data, a player who has a good performance without gaining attacking returns is still rewarded.  Anyone remember Emi Buendia’s incredible performance against Wolves in Gameweek 18?  The Norwich man logged nine key passes, nine successful dribbles, and four aerials won, among other things.  Buendia gained 29.5 points on Fantrax.  He gained just three points in Official FPL.

If you’re currently playing Draft Premier League on a platform that offers scoring systems similar to Official FPL, you really need to make the change to Fantrax.  This scoring system, as well as similar variations, are extremely out of date.  The data now available to us has developed so much over recent years, you need a Fantasy EPL game that reflects this!

Trustworthy Servers

Are you fed up of the servers being slow and failing to update on your current platform?  Well, Fantrax has possibly the most trustworthy set of servers out there!  The live scoring system is very dependable and links through to the extremely sophisticated Opta scoring database.  The Fantrax platform will update to reflect all scoring categories in real-time.  We can guarantee that once a Premier League goal has been scored, you will see it first on the Fantrax platform!  The goal will appear on Fantrax before you’ve seen it via Twitter or any live text websites such as BBC Sport or Sky Sports.  The scoring updates occur in real time, and the Fantrax servers will very rarely produce any issues.

Sometimes things do stop updating (these things do happen), but the Fantrax staff will always be on hand to fix these issues and re-boot the live scoring or the standings updates.  If there is ever an issue with your league not updating, a quick message on Twitter, raising a support ticket on the website, or even contacting staff directly using the dedicated Fantrax Slack channel will do the trick!

Dedication To Improvements

The Fantrax platform is always changing and improving.  The Fantrax team is dedicated to becoming the number one place to play fantasy sports, and therefore improvements are constantly being researched and developed.  Your views and opinions will always be taken into consideration.  As the people playing Fantasy EPL, it would be silly not to listen to you when changes are needed.  We recently reached out to the Draft Premier League Community via Twitter to ask for feedback on suggestions for improvements for next season.  A lot of these suggestions are already being discussed and implemented ready for next year!

Fantrax is dedicated to providing improvements and upgrades to the platform, and these tweaks, no matter how big or small, will help with your experience.  If you’re frustrated by a lack of action on changes and improvements on your current Fantasy EPL platform, the attitude of the Fantrax staff will be a breath of fresh air!

Weekly Fantasy Advice

Perhaps the most important reason to play Fantasy EPL on Fantrax is for the specific weekly advice you will receive via the Fantrax HQ website, as well as over on  Fantrax is the only Draft Premier League platform that has a team of dedicated writers and podcasters at your service for each and every gameweek period!

In terms of Fantrax HQ content, we host arguably the two most important weekly Fantasy EPL articles. Waiver Wire Targets and Weekly Player Rankings. These articles will continue to drop on Fantrax HQ on Mondays and Fridays respectively during regular gameweek periods. These articles will be exclusive to Fantrax HQ to help you out with all of that important transaction and selection advice!

The Draft Society is home to the weekly Sleepers XI, Hot or Cold, Start and Sit, and Community Special articles. Add the new site to your bookmarks, and continue to dominate your Fantrax EPL leagues! In addition, our new content providers will also feature a whole host of other Fantasy EPL information to help you crush the competition! Rankings, Statistics, the Key Pass Collective Podcast, as well as brand new weekly articles such as Ghost Point Hunters and Perfect XI. Make sure you follow the Draft Society team over on Twitter for all the latest developments!

Fantrax is a platform with consistent top-quality advice for all of its users.  These articles and podcasts provide hints, tips, guidance, and analysis directly to the Draft Community, and is unrivaled in consistency and quality.

Draft Premier League on Fantrax…

Now, head on over to Fantrax yourself, sign-up for a new EPL league, and join the fun!  Fantrax is the best option for any Draft Fantasy EPL League.  The customization options are unrivaled.  Fantrax is the most feature-rich platform in the industry, and offers so much more than other online platforms!  Sign up now to play Draft Premier League on Fantrax!

Visit the full 2023 Fantrax Fantasy EPL Draft Kit! And make sure you also check out the 22/23 Draft Kit from our official EPL content partners The Draft Society for Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Draft Strategy, Transfer Analysis, 22/23 Season Projections, and so much more!

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Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites over the last few years, and we’re not stopping now. We are the most customizable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich platform in the industry, offering the greatest fantasy experience for your dynasty, keeper, redraft, and best ball leagues. Fantasy sports doesn’t sleep, and neither does Fantrax, with seasons running 365 days a year. Take your fantasy leagues to the next level now at!
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