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Draft Premier League: Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet

To go alongside our Top 200 Draft Rankings, we introduce to you our Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet!!!  This essential document is here to help you prepare for your Fantrax Drafts, and is a great starting point for creating your own personal Draft Rankings.  And better yet, its available for you to download and make your own amendments!

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Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet

Creating Tiered Rankings ahead of your Fantrax Draft is an essential task.  And we’re here to help!  We are delighted to be able to share with you our very own Fantrax HQ Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet!  Read below for all the details on Tiered Rankings, as well as downloading the Cheat Sheet itself.

These Tiered Rankings are based on the new default Fantrax Scoring System.


What Are Tiered Rankings?

Tiered Rankings are the first step you need to take when ranking Fantasy EPL assets.  When making tiers, you take the entire player pool and group the players by position.  You then start to group them into “tiers”.  This means that you would be happy to draft any player from that group of players in that position.

For example, one could argue that De Bruyne is in his own tier, but for our purposes, let’s say that De Bruyne and Bruno are TIER 1 Midfielders.  There’s a clear drop-off after them, right?  So, now look at the remaining Midfielders and figure out where the NEXT drop off is.  Let’s PRETEND (I don’t know your personal feelings) that your gut tells you that the next tier cuts off after Pogba. That makes TIER 2 Midfielders: Grealish, Maddison, Pulisic, Saint-Maximin, Ziyech, Antonio, and Pogba.

The order doesn’t matter.  The “rank” doesn’t matter.  Why?

If this is truly your TIER 2 for Midfielders, then you don’t really care which one you get.  You think they’re all similar (or will be at season’s end).  So, in the draft, as these players are drafted, you simply try to get ONE of these guys.  And tiers allow you to easily notice when a player from a higher tier is still available (especially if he’s the last in that particular tier).  This will help you locate value and will, therefore, help you to draft the strongest team.

Tiering out the Top 200 by position might take you an hour or so, but it’ll be so worth it when you know exactly where you’ve placed certain players.  You’ll completely avoid that feeling that the draft is passing you by and you’re missing something!


The Cheat Sheet

Haven’t got time to create you own Tiered Rankings as described above?  Well, look no further than our Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet!  The below document is available to download so that you can use this during your Fantrax Draft.  You can also amend the tiers yourself, and play around with the rankings based on your personal feelings.

This Cheat Sheet will be updated regularly, so check back every now and then for the most up to date version!  If you download a copy, it won’t automatically update.  Just come back and re-download a new copy every now and then! And don’t hesitate to get in contact with @JWillDraft if you struggle with the download directions.

Click here to access the Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet!!

This document will help you win your Fantrax League.  You’re welcome!


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